Can FullCircle Registry Inc. (FLCR) Stock Come Full Circle?

FLCR Stock, FullCircle Registry Inc.It’s been an incredibly rough start to 2015 for the penny stock of FullCircle Registry, Inc. (FLCR) having dropped -88.60% since the first trading session of 2015. To make matters even worse, the owner and operator of a multiplex cinema in the heart of the U.S. set a new 52 week low on Friday when FLCR stock hit 0.005. With some new financing in place, thanks to Kodiak Capital Group, LLC, perhaps the acquisition of small profitable businesses and/or the entry into the durable medical equipment supply sector from their recently formed subsidiary could bring this big-bounce candidate full circle.

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FLCR Stock Quote
Close 0.0053 Change (% Chg) -0.0022 (-29.33%)
High 0.0075 Low 0.005
Open 0.0075 Prev Close 0.0075
Volume 10,481,762 Avg Volume 225,995
14-Day Rel Strength 35.18% Market Cap $730.93K
52Wk High 0.07 52Wk Low 0.005

FullCircle Registry just recently became an SEC filer after their S-1 was accepted thanks in part to the legal assistance of Robert J. Zepfel of Haddan & Zepfel LLP, the attorneys of record on the submission. The timing of the transparency falls in place with the stock purchase agreement Kodiak Capital Group, LLC signed on for to purchase up to $1,500,000 of FLCR stock, at a formula price, which was announced by the Company back in July, 2014.

The deal allows for Kodiak to purchase shares of FLCR stock “at seventy five-percent (75%) of the lowest volume weighted average price of the common stock during the five consecutive trading days immediately following the date of our notice to Kodiak of our election to put shares pursuant to the Stock Purchase Agreement.”

When the deal was announced, Norman Frohreich, President and CEO of FullCircle Registry stated that the funds would be used to acquire Durable Medical Equipment distributorships in rural markets in Louisiana and adjacent markets as well as complete the upgrade WOW factor of the Company’s Georgetown 14 Cinema Theater in Indianapolis. The multiplex cinema operation generated the Company $1,168,196 in revenues for the 9 months ended September 30, 2014, $243,377 less than what was booked for the same period in 2013, $1,411,573, yet was still enough to provide for positive income from operations – $1,037.

What’s encouraging from a trader’s perspective is that Kodiak has been involved with some massive runners on the OTC in the past with Kallo Inc. (KALO) being the first one that comes to mind. Another good thing traders will like about FLCR is the insider positions that were held as of September 30, 2014:

Alec G. Stone



Norman Frohreich



Carl Austin



Richard Davis



Randall Clauson



All as a group



During the course of 2014, FLCR stock never once saw volume in excess of 1,000,000 in the course of a trading session – in fact, you would have to pull together 2 or 3, sometimes even 4, consecutive trading sessions to even come close to that amount. Hence Friday’s massive increase in volume indicates that a loading session commenced making FLCR a prime candidate to see some appreciation come its way.

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About FLCR Stock

FullCircle Registry, Inc. is a development stage company that owns and operates the Georgetown 14 Cinemas, a movie theater complex property at 3898 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46224.

Click here to view the SEC filings for FLCR.
Click here to view the website for FullCircle Registry, Inc.

Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 158,912,706

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
01/09/15 0.0075 0.0075 0.0050 0.0053 -0.0022 -29.33% 10,481,700
01/08/15 0.0090 0.0150 0.0068 0.0075 -0.0025 -25.00% 946,500
01/07/15 0.0120 0.0120 0.0100 0.0100 -0.0020 -16.67% 295,000
01/06/15 0.0175 0.0200 0.0116 0.0120 -0.0060 -33.33% 215,000
01/05/15 0.0320 0.0320 0.0180 0.0180 -0.0285 -61.29% 123,000


Bottom Line:

FLCR has pretty much been the red-headed stepchild of penny stocks so far this year (albeit it’s only been a week). If the presence of Kodiak Capital Group can provide for the sensation that other penny stocks they have financed have experienced before, KALO, GEIG, GACR and ORGS, being involved with FLCR stock as low as it is is well worth the price of admission.

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