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CCTC stock, Clean Coal Technologies Inc., Douglas HagueIssue a press release. Cost: around $200. Book revenues of $375,000. Cost: $2.40 million. Offer a settlement with the SEC for fraudulently issuing stock. Cost: Priceless. These were the events which have taken place in the last week for Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (CCTC) as it had its largest trading session in nearly six months. Not only did the Company book revenues in Q3, half of a $750,000 agreement, but funding for their 1:10 scale pilot plant in Oklahoma is within $1 million of the amount needed which will help validate their patented process to create a cleaner burning fuel. Now that a 2009 stock fraud case appears to have been settled, CCTC stock is back on the block after a boring 6 month trend.

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Top Penny Stocks – OTCQB

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
ELAY 0.0075 -34.21% 929,779 108,584,862 1,080
AAMRQ 0.45 +5.39% 1,535,603 3,457,540 398
AMBS 0.039 -0.51% 419,553 10,628,644 316
ABCP 2.85 -5.00% 2,463,136 865,215 309
SANP 0.47 -16.96% 652,473 1,294,481 301
CCTC 0.055 +20.88% 314,323 6,016,888 251
CBIS 0.068 -4.63% 268,640 3,816,569 249
TAGG 0.055 -1.43% 182,892 3,436,858 209
FMCC 0.295 +1.37% 224,271 765,745 172
CTLE 1.38 +4.55% 225,498 166,316 165

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Whether it was out of desperation for a play or because traders had already left their posts early on Wednesday when the SEC settlement update was released, the break out session Friday on Clean Coal Technologies caused CCTC stock to lead the top 10 OTCQB listed penny stocks in percentage gains. Granted the news regarding the action of former CEO and President, Douglas Hague, alleging involvement in two fraudulent transactions of restricted stock in 2009 was promising, the clean energy Company and their 751,067,644 outstanding shares.

Although roughly 160 million shares were issued for various reasons since the start of 2012, the Company granted a 25-year technology license agreement for a one-time license fee of $750,000. The first installment of the license fee $375,000 has been collected, booked as Q3 revenues, pursuant to the signing of a pilot plant construction contract. The balance, $375,000, will not be collected until successful testing of the pilot plant. However, for those looking long on CCTC, under the technology license agreement, the Company will receive an on-going royalty fee of $1 per metric ton on all coal processed using the technology, up to $4,000,000 per annum.

About CCTC Stock

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. owns a patented technology which is expected to provide cleaner energy at low cost through the use of the world’s most abundant fossil fuel, coal. The Company’s technology, trademarked “PRISTINE™”, is designed to utilize controlled heat to extract and capture pollutants and moisture from low-rank coal, transforming it into a cleaner-burning, more energy-efficient fuel prior to combustion for a variety of applications, including coal-fired power stations, chemical byproduct extraction, and as a source fuel for coal-to-gas and coal-to-liquid technologies.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
11/23/12 0.0550 +0.0095 +20.88% 6,016,888
11/21/12 0.0455 unch unch 366,300
11/20/12 0.0455 +0.0025 +5.81% 227,700
11/19/12 0.0430 -0.0020 -4.44% 413,200
11/16/12 0.0450 +0.0020 +4.65% 335,600

Click here to view the SEC filings for CCTC.

Bottom Line: CCTC could be a one-and-done penny stock since traders were looking for something to play on Black Friday. However, assuming the miniaturized pilot plant is successfully funded and the testing goes the way the Company expects, CCTC stock could be one for the long investor who has a year plus to sit and wait.

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