CIHN | Are Used Cars In Caribbean International’s Future?

Steven Swank, CIHN Stock, CIHN.PK, Caribbean International Holdings Inc.Late to file their MS Word created financials to furnish to OTCMarkets, the penny stock of Caribbean International Holdings, Inc. (CIHN) is getting a much needed push prior to today’s open. Focused 6 months ago on medial tourism to Cancun, Mexico, then banking on WIBA/ UBF World Featherweight Champion Amanda Serrano making them money, CIHN stock is all the rage now by copying what GRILLit Inc. (GRLT) did: franchising a restaurant chain. If you think for a second that a Winghouse restaurant with a mechanical bull as the center piece is going to do much else than collect dust, prepare yourself to be bucked off and in need of some stem cells to get your account back into whack.

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Steven Swank, CIHN, CIHN Stock, CIHN.PK, OTC CIHN, CIHN Stock Quote, CIHN Stock Chart, Caribbean International Holdings Inc., penny stocks being promoted todayCIHN Stock Quote

Market Cap: 4.29M
Thursday Close: 0.05
Volume: 65,400
Open: 0.04
High: 0.05
Low: 0.04
Authorized: 975,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 85,766,684
14-Day Rel Strength: 55.36%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0533
1st Support Level: 0.0433

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Alerts from Z-listers were carpet bombing inboxes all Sunday afternoon and evening about Caribbean International Holdings with headlines like “Major Momentum and even Bigger News driving CIHN with Very Bullish moving averages” and CIHN Is Ready To Burst As Stem Cell Market Exceeds 30B!” What would have been a bit more appropriate is:

“CIHN Didn’t Even Trade On Friday And It’s Still Up 24,900.00% From Its 52 Week Low Of 0.0002 From November 12, 2012!”

Franchising themselves into the Mexican market with a Winghouse that offers 18 different spicy flavors and has a mechanical bull as the centerpiece is about as likely as their stem cell wing at the Galenia Hospital in Cancun, Mexico making a peso. All one needs to do is check out their website which features the pride of Puerto Rico, Amanda Serrano, to be clued in that you don’t need to be a Sherlock to see the Shylock behind his mess.

The history behind CIHN is one which has been a repetitive trend for over 15 years. In each one of the former companies before the change over to Caribbean International Holdings, reverse stock splits, like the 1-for-35 one in January, have been effectuated on:

Caribbean Casino & Gaming Corp. (CGAQ) until January, 2013;
Aladdin Trading & Company (ADTD) until May, 2009;
Beverly Hills Ltd., Inc. (BLTD) until August, 2006
Beverly Hills Country Club, Inc. until August, 1998
Hawk International, Inc. until February, 1998

Caribbean International Holdings’ Steven Swank has pulled some many tricks from up his sleeve during the periods that CIHN and its former tickers were being pumped that the lazy PR from Friday only proves one thing: A ton of shares are going to get dumped. I mean, who shouldn’t trust a Z-listed boxing promoter who is CEO and President of a late filing pink sheet stock?

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About CIHN Stock

Caribbean International Holdings, Inc. is a hot mess.

Click here to view the financial filings for CIHN on OTCMarkets.
Click here to view the website for Caribbean International Holdings.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
08/22/13 0.0500 unch unch 65,400
08/21/13 0.0500 +0.0110 +28.21% 50,000
08/20/13 0.0390 -0.0060 -13.33% 14,700
08/19/13 0.0450 unch unch 33,100
08/16/13 0.0450 -0.0050 -10.00% 30,300


Bottom Line:

Unlike GRLT which went from 0.27 when e profiled it to 5.95 within 3 weeks for gains of over 2100%, CIHN has gotten every Z-lister available to promote this POS. From stem cells to boxing to restaurant franchising, perhaps used car sales will be the next enterprise for the former slot machine manufacturer and seller. It’s probably best to just keep CIHN stock off your list of penny stocks to buy today unless you have an thirst for losing money right before the real alerts start coming out next week (our’s is scheduled for September 4th).

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