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From, call it, Holiday to Holiday…

What $300 In Each Could Have Got You:


Call Date Ticker PPS # Shares Peak % Change You Missed
11/6 TPAC 0.0006 500,000 0.0025 317% $950
11/19 RXMD 0.0092 32,609 0.033 259% $776
11/20 EGYF 0.0028 107,143 0.0239 754% $2,261
11/27 LTNC 0.0002 1,500,000 0.0013 550% $1,650
11/30 IFBC 0.0085 35,294 0.0205 141% $424
11/30 USAR 0.0007 428,571 0.005 614% $1,843
12/3 BCCI 0.0065 46,154 0.0275 323% $969
12/4 IGEX 0.0002 1,500,000 0.0007 250% $750
12/4 GLFH 0.10 3,000 0.25 150% $450
12/8 BIEI 0.0125 24,000 0.0529 323% $970
12/8 FLST 0.004 75,000 0.01 150% $450
12/9 EMBR 0.0007 428,571 0.0022 214% $643
12/15 IPOW 0.36 833 1.20 233% $700
12/15 NUVI 0.0065 46,154 0.0272 318% $955
12/18 LATX 0.0038 78,947 0.0053 40% $118
12/20 NXGA 0.0014 214,286 0.0055 293% $879
12/21 FFFC 0.0001 3,000,000 0.0004 300% $900
12/21 NNLX 0.041 7,317 0.07 71% $212
12/22 NEWL 0.0001 3,000,000 0.0002 100% $300
12/23 DEQI 0.0024 125,000 0.007 191% $575
          5,592% $16,775

Add in the 7 Picks, 5 Weeks: $24,029 In Profits (10/2 – 12/4) and you could have banked as much as $40,804 by putting $300 in each when the call went out and exiting at the top.


Oh Yeah, and let’s not forget to mention VPRO (8/31 @ 0.0007)… $300 = 428,571 shares

At it’s peak last week, 0.0255 on 12/21, that 3,543% gain would have been worth $10,629 in PROFITS!


All in, call it from 10/2 to Christmas, $300 in each could have banked you

over $51,000 in PROFITS! (and some are still running)


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Many of our picks go up 100%, 200%, even 10,000%, see for yourself.

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