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As Hurricane Isaac is preparing to wreak havoc on the Gulf Coast, traders are also preparing to trade, what they think, is The Real Awesome Penny Stocks pick. Since showing up on the FINRA radar with their massive dollar volume traded on Sumpeaks Ventures (SNPK), traders are now addictied to getting in on day one. Hoping to avoid the devastation caused by Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX), a “real” APS play, if they still are the same group who brought forth the massive gains and support of NSRS and SNPK, doesn’t need to be played on day one.

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SNPK, SNPK Stock, SMPK Scam, Sunpeaks Ventures, AwesomePennyStocksSNPK Stock Chart

March 8 Close: 0.43, up 0.01 (2.38%)
Volume: 159,873,624
Dollar Volume: $61,218,775
Open: 0.42
High: 0.4749
Low: 0.285
Trades: 3,945
Authorized: 550,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 370,500,750

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What the APS group was most successful about was patiently increasing the gains achieved daily on their two successful promotions this year: NSRS and SNPK. What happens is layers are built whereby no flipping occurs except for the big money flips like a $250K trade for a 3% gain, $7,500 in profits. By building layers, the stock is supported and new entrants fill spots for recent sellers. In the case of the last alert that traders thought was the real deal, there was no support and the stock crashed like a comet.

Since landing on the FINRA radar, smart money has bet that the great minds behind them have moved on to sites which have never issued an alert and been spending tens of thousands on PPC ads for years now. Coincidentally, the press releases containing the details about FINRA’s query regarding the suspicious trading activity of Sunpeaks Ventures has been removed from Yahoo finance.

Fake alerts, as they have become known as, may actually be the real deal. APS is using the name but it is showing that the new group is more like Amateur Penny Stocks – not Awesome at all. Share dumps like RARS, a known APS connected deal, GROV, AQNM, HSTC, SDSS, and even VLNX are signs that the new purse holders are following orders and the shell game is proving tougher for traders who want to get in early.

So, how can you win on Monday with the new APS pick? Speculation has led to a number of stocks to be on the list:

If it is a “real” APS deal, the stock price should not increase dramatically and the dollar/share volume should be similar to SNPK/NSRS. Anything beyond that is indicative of another dumpage from the Aamteurs and should be avoided at all costs.

Bottom Line: We know of 10 groups that are planning to piggy back the penny stock pick of Awesome Penny Stocks on Monday. This time, they are issuing warnings to treat it as a day trade situation since most traders were fleeced on VLNX. We will not be one of those sending the pigs into the slaughter house and will have full details, if we don’t already have them, on the chosen one within minutes.

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