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POLR stock, POLR ticker, POLR stock quote, Polar Petroleum Corp., If you trade penny stocks and do it for the purpose of making money, make sure to have Polar Petroleum Corp. (OTC: POLR) on your “stocks to buy” list today. With the long awaited release, POLR stock is seeing some smart speculators move towards the Level 2 screen to watch the MM’s movements. Having been set up and ready to rock since December and talked about among VIP members since it was at 0.85, this is one looks like a “2X your money or better” opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Last week, Royale Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROYL) shot up 67% one hour before the close after they reported signing a letter of intent to receive $100 per acre in cash, plus other consideration including stock options and exploration cost sharing for a total of over $1,200 per acre for up to 50,875 acres of its 96,000 acre Alaska North Slope holdings. With Polar Petroleum already based there and prepared to do some drilling, where do you think POLR stock is headed in the short term?

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Market Cap: 53.69M
Last: 1.25  0.26 (+26.26%)
Volume: 5,560
Open: 0.99
High: 1.25
Low: 0.99
Authorized: 700,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 42,952,500

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Polar Petroleum was ready to rock when we first covered them back in December (see here). In November, their wholly-owned subsidiary, Polar Petroleum (AK) Corp., closed a lease deal with Daniel K. Donkel and Samuel H. Cade for 100% of the record title of the Sellers to 17 oil and gas leases located in the State of Alaska. A royalty of 16.67% for the State of Alaska and an overriding royalty of 4% for the Sellers, Donkel and Cade, was reserved.

The deal cost Polar Petroleum $1,250,000, with $150,000 of the purchase price due in cash at closing and the remaining $1,100,000 due in accordance with the terms of a promissory note.

The lease deal allowed for Polar Petroleum (AK) to drill a test well to a depth of at least 8,000 feet on one of three designated Leases within 2 years of the deal closing. When they do get the drilling done, assuming oil spurts out of it, Polar Petroleum (AK) will designate a 20% working interest to Donkel Oil & Gas, LLC.

Over the last few months, Polar has been making all the moves like Jagger by dropping some artwork on a new website, renting office space in Anchorage, appointing all the front men (and women) to hold the needed posts, and most recently, putting together the pieces for a $10 million draw-down financing deal.

According to the financing deal with US Energy Investments Ltd., up to $10,000,000 worth of restricted shares of POLR stock is obligated by both parties to transact from time to time over a 36-month period as and when Polar draws down funds. As and when draw downs occur, once every six trading days and there must be a minimum of five trading days between each drawdown request, Polar will issue US Energy Investments Ltd. shares of POLR stock based on

(i) 200% of the average daily trading volume of POLR stock during the 10 trading days prior to the date of the draw down request, or
(ii) $500,000, whichever is of a larger value.

No draw down can be more than $500,000 or such amount that would otherwise cause US Energy Investments Ltd. to exceed a beneficial ownership of 4.99% of POLR stock.

What does it all mean? Nothing if you’re trading this for what it’s worth — A momentum play backed by one of the best promotion groups in the industry. Alaska’s North Slope geology, right in the heart of where Polar Petroleum has their leases, is expected to yield bountiful untapped resources as vast as the unconventional oil plays at Texas’ Eagle Ford and North Dakota’s Bakken shale fields.

Having POLR stock in your portfolio as and when the shares start trading looks like a surefire way to ensure you’re looking to double, if not triple, your initial investment within a month’s time.

About POLR Stock

Polar Petroleum Corp. recently entered into the oil and gas business to engage in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas properties primarily in the State of Alaska.

Click here to view the SEC filings for POLR.
Click here to view the website for Polar Petroleum.

Last 7 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/15/13 0.9900 +0.1400 +16.47% 11,400
04/10/13 0.8500 +0.1000 +13.33% 3,000
04/09/13 0.7500 -0.1000 -11.76% 100
03/28/13 0.8500 unch unch 2,600
03/27/13 0.8500 +0.1000 +13.33% 10,000
03/18/13 0.7500 unch unch 2,300
03/11/13 0.7500 -0.2700 -26.47% 100


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Bottom Line:

POLR is set to light up the world of penny stocks and should be on the list of those you own prior to it reaching $1. How POLR stock trades on day one of its release will be a clear indicator as to where it’s headed over the next 3 weeks. Alaska is North — right?

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