Scam Alert: Degroupa Tenner Morales Media Corp CopyCats

Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel. The suspense is building and traders have voiced their opinions on message boards everywhere how they have liquidated their positions in order to have available funds to trade the next AwesomePennyStocks alert.

As we have all seen, the group is no longer held by Centro Azteca S.A. out of Singapore, but rather Degroupa Tenner Morales Media Corp. out of Costa Rica. However, many have copied the group before and it seems that it may be happening again which could destroy your portfolio.

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Go to and you will be redirected to Other than the APS site, they all seem to be redirected to VictoryStocks. Subscribe for AwesomePennyStocks penny stock newsletter and, you would assume that, its business as usual since you get the “confirm your subscription” mail sent almost immediately to your inbox.  What do you receive after? You receive an email from  “AwesomePennyStocks” “”, or one of the affiliates in the same manner, with this content:

Welcome to the #1 voted stock picks on the web. We hope to quickly show you why many members swear by our picks and newsletter. Soon enough, you will be very satisfied with your decision to sign up.

We will be happy to send you your first newsletter as we complete the analysis of our next great pick. This should not take more than a few weeks, as we want to make sure to offer you only the best advice. Your patience will definitely pay off!

In the meantime please take a minute to add us to your safe sender list, this will insure that you always receive our e-mails and won’t miss out on any great opportunities.

Thank you and welcome to our team!

Now, the unsubscribe box on the top right is not hyperlinked. Ok, that’s not so unusual even though SWTR was sent via APS on July 3rd and looked to be the real deal even though the unsubscribe link on the top right definitively was and not APS with a spam server set up in central PA.

So where’s the scam?

Emails have been flowing from senders who appear to look very close to the group but have some distinct differences which could be one big SNAFU for confused traders that could lead to a FUBAR-like portfolio.

The emails are coming from picks@“sitename” If you search that sender, for example:, you wind up here which is a run by GetResponse360. Yes, rumors were all over due diligence boards about how they were having issues finding a service which they could send from, but a billion dollar con can get a ton of copycats which could lead to disaster.

The content of the mails, past and present, differentiate as well with this new version, the webistie followed by the word “mail: having included a non-committal disclaimer which almost looks like the real deal. See here: GWBU disclaimer from APS (here) and new disclaimer from pennypicsmail (here). You’ll notice no mention of the actual website which seems odd considering its a jpeg image so no keywords would be triggered if APS and their affiliates were actually having email issues.

A third issue is that at the bottom of the actual APS and affiliates new subscriber emails, there is no mention of  Degroupa Tenner Morales Media Corp., the new owners of and their affiliate websites. (see here) Yet, these copycat emails that are coming out which contain the following message:

Subject: New announcement coming in the next days

Hi Everyone,

We have some very exciting news for all of our loyal members:

Your favorite newsletter is now under new management and we will be bringing you a brand new pick very soon. No more picks priced at 50 cents + we are going back to what our members want; awesome picks priced low!

Make sure you’re ready as it will be announced very soon! Tell your friends who are not signed up to go ahead and sign up.

Fund your brokerage accounts so that you are ready to buy quickly after we announce the pick with no lag time!

Speaking of acting fast there’s a new private service being offered at PremiumStockReport dotcom that will send you our pick up to an hour before it is officially announced on the newsletters worldwide. This could result in additional gains of 50 to 80% on top of the usual gains for your portfolio. May be worth checking it out!

Happy Trading!

At the bottom of the message after the disclaimer mentioned above (see here), it mentions at the footer: DEGROUPA TENNER MORALES MEDIA, 43 Los Arcos, Belen Heredia, 43-4006, Costa Rica

Now at the initial signup with any of the AwesomePennyStocks sites, there is a banner image promoting their which will give you the next APS pick ahead of the crowd for $149. However, in the email from the, what appears to be, copycat, it mentions the same as “dotcom” instead of a hyperlink or the true version “.com”.

Suspicious, yes. A scam copycat, the jury is out on that one. Many want the APS message to be delivered, as do we, so that the trading can begin and the pick, whether its GTCP, PZOO, BFGC, or something no one knows of, can lead the top traded and dollar volume list and this boring summer can finally come to an end with a penny stock that trades like a champion con. At the same time, there are tons of people out there willing to risk themselves for the quick buck that an APS copycat could bring.

About The AwesomePennyStocks Group

Degroupa Tenner Morales Media Corp., registered owners of and 29 other webistes, are based out of  43 Los Arcos, Belen, 434006, Costa Rica.

Over the past 12 months, APS has issued the following penny stock alerts:

GWBU May 15th, 1.22 – Highest Price: $1.95 (60%), Jun 7
SNPK Mar 8th, 0.42 – Highest Price: $2.40 (757%) Apr 18
AWSR Feb 23rd, 0.28 – Highest Price: $1.80 (543%) Feb 23

NSRS Dec 27th, 0.21 – Highest Price: $1.72 (1129%) Feb 7, 2012
AMWI Nov 17th, 0.071 – Highest Price: $1.39 (1858%) Dec 8
MILV Oct 27th, 0.048 – Highest Price: $0.14 (250%) Nov 8
POTG Sep 22nd, 0.11 – Highest Price: $0.40 (300%) Oct 3
HDSI Aug 8th, 0.12 – Highest Price: $0.35 (250%) Aug 8

Bottom Line: The next penny stock pick for the multi-billion dollar volume generators of a worthless company is ………… your guess is as good as ours. Confirmation is key to even having the slightest chance of winning so look out for the banner add to be at the top of the AwesomePennyStocks website and an email that comes from APS or VictoryStocks themselves where the unsubscribe link is directly connected to their subscription service, which is currently ymlp. Other than that, cross your fingers, legs, arms toes and eyes and don’t be greedy.

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