ASCC | Aristocrat Group Stages Its 3rd Rally In 3 Months

ASCC Stock, OTC ASCC, Aristocrat Group Corp., Robert FederowiczHappy Hour this Friday can be celebrated by two groups of penny stock stock traders: the dyslexic traders who messed up when buying African Copper Corporation (ACCS) yesterday and those who got into Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC) at the start of the week. Having their 3rd rally in the last three months, shares of ASCC stock more than doubled this week after closing last Friday at just 0.29. For those who got profit drunk off the RWB Ultra-Premium Handcrafted Vodka developers, shake those Obscene Jeans (OBJE) all you like at Happy Hour while you get your Quan International (QUAN) on.

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Market Cap: 111.86M
Last: 0.59 ▲ +0.07 (+13.46%)
Volume: 266,974
Dollar Volume: $149,209
Open: 0.50
High: 0.596
Low: 0.50
Trades: 107
Authorized: 250,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 62,250,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 66.08%
14-Day Stochastic: 76.34%

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Working on their 3rd attempt at raising their share price before diluting it like a watered down drink in a chic yet pompously overpriced martini bar, Aristocrat Group’s ASCC stock surged this week on 2 very positive PR announcements.

The week kicked off on a high after the Company stated last week Thursday that they were ready to start hitting the market with their top-shelf vodka. On Monday, Aristocrat stated they were in the process of obtaining a wholesaler license so they could enter into the one of the country’s top markets in the $21.3 billion U.S. spirits industry.

On Wednesday, Aristocrat stated that they were investigating high-profile sponsorship opportunities in professional sports for their gluten-free vodka made from Idaho potatoes. Selling the sizzle by mentioning the size of the market in each and every PR, this isn’t the first bicycle ride on the OTC for Aristocrat Group’s CEO, Robert Federowicz.

Two of Federowicz’ previous ventures, OBJE  FTTN and QUAN, have both had their trading opportunities which have allowed for well-timed traders to bang in a buck or two off of some PR sizzle. After a visit to the tab-less website for the development stage vodka maker who has yet to sell a drink worth booking as revenues, there is one effort being made and that’s to get them in the door and get them drunk on charts and projections. Worry about them having enough money for cab fare later.

How lucky do you think the seed shareholders are who, on December 6, 2011, got 17,250,000 shares of ASCC stock for $0.002 per share?

About ASCC Stock

Aristocrat Group Corp. is a development stage company focused on entering into the distilled spirits industries, with a focus on the Vodka segment.

Click here to view the SEC filings for ASCC.
Click here to view the website for the Aristocrat Group.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/20/13 0.5200 +0.0600 +13.04% 453,000
06/19/13 0.4600 +0.0400 +9.52% 424,400
06/18/13 0.4200 +0.1200 +40.00% 839,900
06/17/13 0.3000 +0.0100 +3.45% 136,100
06/14/13 0.2900 unch unch 97,302


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Bottom Line:

This current run is the 3rd one for ASCC stock since early March and looks like its half way through this sprint Have ASCC stock on the list of penny stocks to watch prior to the closing bell. A big block trade would indicate where this one is headed come Monday which is more indicative of a move than the re-pump of ACCS stock by Victory Mark.

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