BP STAX? XP TABS? Are TBX and APS Teaming Up?

Things that make you say Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?! After sending everyone a “FUBAR” penny stock alert from an affiliate look alike on Aquentium (AQNM), did TBX and APS just join forces or is it another fake-out? As if it wasn’t hard enough to decipher how you wound up getting 12 alerts on IDO Security (IDOI) from websites you never registered for, The Bull Exchange had some interesting Tuesday tweets before sending out an alert almost identical to the one Awesome Penny Stocks and their affiliates sent out.

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The alerts from each of the top penny stock promoters, the pump and dump twins, were almost identically worded, even signing off with Happy Trading on each. However there was one difference which stood out and that was the APS statement that:

Millions of you are signed up to the regular free newsletter, but only 2,000 of you will be able to sign up to the new pre-announcement service as we plan on keeping no more than 2,000 slots open so as not to diminish the value of your subscription.

While it may cost a few bucks per month it will pay for itself for the next 3 years to come with just the next pick, and everything else is gravy!

Our Translation: TBX signed up for all 2,000 slots available, are going to get a pick from PremiumStockReport before the actual release. They’re gonna send it out, traders are gonna freakout and follow like lambs to the slaughter, and then APS is gonna reveal the real fake real pick on the Company with the real fake real technology that’s worth billions.

Make sense? Good, now discuss it in a  group.

Bottom Line: The next penny stock pick of Awesome Penny Stocks has more than two letters, and less than six, has a website and decimal point somewhere in its price. Honestly, more times than not, traders have been bent over on fake alerts now from the group so try not to urinate in the direction the wind is blowing from when you start telling everyone what the next pick is. Day 2 or 3 isn’t gonna cause too much of a delay to still make a decent profit on it.

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