Centor Energy (CNTO) Sure Is Pumping Something

CNTO Stock, Centor Energy Inc., John Meyers, The Meyers' LetterThe penny stock of Centor Energy, Inc. (CNTO) set a new 52 week high on Friday and is looking to go to $8 if you believe The Myers’ Letter from John Myers. Having been on a steady climb since the start of the year, CNTO stock should now start to see its volume levels surge well above the 1,000,000 mark thanks to the $500,000 awareness campaign kicking it up a notch with hard mailers. Claiming that “The Oil Shale Revolution Is the Biggest Game-Changer Yet” to highlight the “over a billion barrels of accessible Oil Shale” the Company apparently stumbled across, flashing red sirens are likely to start popping up on screens now.

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CNTO Stock Quote

Market Cap: 195.79M
Last: 2.85 ▼ -0.108 (-3.65%)
Volume: 792,260
Open: 3.08
High: 3.08
Low: 2.48
Trades: 157
Authorized: 150,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 68,700,000
Michael Gismondi: 30,000,000
Andrea Grande: 9,000,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 70.82%
1st Resistance Point: 3.1333
1st Support Level: 2.5233

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Having been determined to do what Harry Lappa was supposed to do, mine in Las Vegas and Ghana for gold and other precious metals, Centor Energy gave birth to new hope after entering into a “offer to purchase agreement” with an Alberta, Canada based Company – 1583412 Alberta Ltd. The new direction to become a GIANT in the petroleum and energy sectors is all that was needed to be said so that John Meyers could put a name to his face for dumb money to flow.

Within the landing page hosed at www.centorenergyreport.com, John Myers states: “I’m going on record saying CNTO is set to jump from $1 to $8.” The decimal point is one space too far to the right, but as it’s now gaining circulation while CNTO stock sits at nearly $3, the dude looks like a genius having uneducated traders signing up for his reports hoping that they might get the next one before it runs.

Within the report are talks of a possible takeover which could send CNTO stock through the roof sits they are apparently sitting on enough oil to supply the world for decades upon decades. However, all that Centor Energy really did pretend to buy something.

As per the 8-K filing: Under the Offer to Purchase, subject to and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Offer to Purchase, a 55 percent working interest in the title, estate and interest in and to the lands, the leases, the leased substances, all wells, facilities and pipelines, proprietary seismic data, equipment and material related thereto all as described in Schedule “A” of the Offer to purchase Agreement.

For that, CNTO stock is going to get diluted to levels which no one but the insiders like Michael Gismondi and Andrea Grande know. The 55% working interest is set to only cost the Company $2,475,000 CDN. Now, just think on that for a sweet second… “over a billion barrels of accessible Oil Shale” and not one big MOFO in the oil game like Shell, Exxon or BP was willing to part with even $5,000,000 CDN to take a chance? Now ask yourself why before clicking to buy CNTO stock.

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About CNTO Stock

Centor Energy Inc., originally organized as Centor Inc. to develop and explore mineral properties in the State of Nevada and the Republic of Ghana West Africa (just like North Springs Resources (NSRS) was supposed to do, is a development stage oil exploration company now engaged in developing oil shale projects in Canada.

Click here to view the SEC filings for CNTO.
Click here to view the website for Centor Energy.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
01/24/14 3.0800 3.0900 2.4800 2.8500 -0.1080 -3.65% 792,200
01/23/14 2.9050 2.9600 2.7800 2.9580 +0.2780 +10.37% 713,200
01/22/14 2.5700 2.6800 2.5300 2.6800 +0.1800 +7.20% 553,200
01/21/14 2.3950 2.5400 2.3100 2.5000 +0.0900 +3.73% 617,300
01/17/14 2.3800 2.4300 2.0900 2.4100 +0.0900 +3.88% 505,100


Bottom Line:

Hard mail campaigns on penny stocks like CNTO are virtually always the kiss of death. t is hard to imagine CNTO stock bursting to $5 let alone $8 so playing this one for the bounce when they dump the hell out of it this week would be the best angle.

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