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Three days into the final trading week of summer and traders buying penny stocks have seen some of the wildest events take place.  Kicking off with BestAmericanStocks’ AREN stock pump getting an “E” added to it and creating a panic like the big board traders, those who bought CRGP stock for the dividend (which actually got paid) saw 650% gains in a week before a huge increase to the AS being filed followed by yesterday’s trade halt by the SEC.  In what looks to be a trick-of-the-trade which worked for CRGP, FutureWorld Corp. (OTC PINK: FWDG), nka FutureLand Corp., is looking to lure investors in with their tease of multiple spinoff dividends to come down the road.

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FWDG Stock


FutureWorld prides itself as being a leading provider of advanced technologies and solutions to the global cannabis industry which can be backed up by their $7,320 in revenues (Gross Loss of -$603) reported for the three months ended June 30, 2015.  Via a long list of subsidiaries, the Company provides personal and professional THC and CBD test kits, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil solutions, SafeVape vaporizers, smart sensor technology, communication network, surveillance security, data analysis for smart cultivation and consultation for the industrial hemp and legal medicinal cannabis.

On Tuesday, traders who have DDAmanda’s 8K Spy subscription caught wind of the filing which FutureWorld issued to update its current shareholders of important events.  Within it, the board of directors of the Company are considering the following:

  1. File for an additional dividend on FutureLand Corp with Finra with a new record date,
  2. File for a dividend on CB Scientific with Finra before planned spin-off with a new record date,
  3. File for a dividend on URVape with Finra before planned spin-off with a new record date,
  4. Offer cash dividend on HempTech Corp when it receives its planned $5,000,000 in funding with a new record date,
  5. The S1 for FutureLand Corp has been completed and will be filed after the inclusion of the audited financials,
  6. The board is also considering quarterly cash dividend with liquidation of the marketable securities held through spin-offs of our subsidiaries with new record dates,
  7. Creating a new class of securities for dividend for better reward our loyal shareholders.

Anyone reading that, especially coming off the huge short-term run CRGP shares went on and the confirmed cash dividend receipts those shareholders as of the record date were receiving in their trading accounts, would have jumped all over FWDG stock.  Instead, after Monday’s volume spike which sent FWDG shares to a new 52WK Low, 0.0005, Tuesday was flat and yesterday’s $2,855 in volume proved that some reaction was necessary to get some eyeballs on it.

After the close on Wednesday, Cohen Grassroots Research, Inc., a fluff research company claiming to be Wall Street’s leading independent micro-cap and cannabis research firm, issued a PR stating how they initiated analyst coverage, have a 53 page analytical research report out, and have a price target of $0.0078 cents per share for FWDG.  With issued and outstanding shares grown from 731,525,768 (10K filing) to 1,118,802,849 (the August 20 10Q filing) the 0.0078 price target would mean both a 1,460% gain from its current price and a market cap of $8.73 million.  It could get even bigger since 4,900,000,000 shares are authorized.

To analyze the critical balance sheet line item which is of the greatest threat to buyers, Notes Payable, the amount due as of June 30 was $578,786 compared to $457,204 reported due as of March 31.  With operating costs for the three months ended June 30 coming in just under $240,000, their cash on hand ($65,806) and accounts receivable ($750,090) would be in excess to survive through Q3 and Q4 – assuming those receivables are collectible.

FWDG stock is 0.005 right now and is just 4 months into their new share structure after effectuating a 1-for-400 reverse stock split.  The last notation on the most recent Q filed states that HempTech Corp is in the process of fund raising for $5,000,000 through a M&A advisory, has completed product lines and the corresponding marketing, and is planning to spin off another subsidiary by the end of 2015.  Is this CRGP too good to be true or is buying FWDG stock a choice all the smart traders will be doing closer to the spinoff/dividend date?

Find out more about FWDG shares here: $FWDG

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