HLNT Stock Gains Having HY-Impact On May Investors

Over the last three months, the share price of Highline Technical Innovations’ (HLNT) penny stock has been a prom date that’s turned into a summer of love. After closing up another 9.52% Thursday at 0.0115 with dollar volume of $175,343 on 15,671,150 share volume, HLNT stock is now up 505% over the last three months. It’s really hard to complain about the summer the developer of the Hy-Impact™ line of products is having, but watch me try anyway.

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HLNT Stock Chart

a/o Dec 31, 2011:
Shares Outstanding: 2,242,414,832
Float: 2,212,994,174
Authorized Shares: 2,500,000,000

52 Week High
(June 26, 2012): 0.0135

30 Day Percent Change: 155.56%
30 Day Moving Average: 0.0082
30 Day Average Volume: 17,576,214

If you don’t already know, Highline Technical Innovations (HTI) developed, among other things, the Hy-Impact™ line of fuel saving and emissions reducing hydrogen systems. Unlike the #2Flusher fluff that GWBU was pumping out about the defunct start fuel efficiency and emission device, the Hy-Impact™ product line uses hydrogen as a catalyst to more effectively burn fuel. Hydrogen is separated from water via the process of electrolysis allowing a precise amount of hydrogen gas to be introduced into the engine’s combustion chamber, creating a significantly more efficient fuel burn.

Now, we’ve all heard of these scam technology fuel savings adaptors that even a housewife from San Diego, California can install within seconds, I feel like Christine from Masterchef with a pair of snow gloves on for not spotting the trend HLNT stock has been on for the last 3 months; 90 days; 62 trading sessions. With their OTCMarkets issued yield sign for just supplying us all with a Quickbooks type rendition of an income statement for the 3 months ended March 31, 2012, the best comment I could even try to come up with was already used by the Company in their low-budget html update to shareholders letter issued earlier this week. (see here)

6. Why doesn’t the company put out more press releases to support the stock price?

Quote: HTI has never been a company interested in pumping its stock. The management of HTI has always embraced the opinion that the stock price will grow in value with revenues. HTI has always proceeded with the long-term value of its stock being much more important than short-term stock runs. 

Now that could be an engraving on the prom king scepter hand out to graduating class of pinksheet high class of 2012. But the traders who live an die by the penny stock commandments knows that this is in violation of commandment #8:

Thou shalt not believe what the CEO sayest. Penny stock CEOs are the missing link between man and hyenna and thou lookest like fresh meat.

In all fairness, it very well could be the case that Highline Technical Innovations doesn’t care about the share price since it has no shares left to use anyway. With 257 million not outstanding out of the 2.5 billion authorized as of 7 months ago, they could haul in $2.57 million by way of selling or using them for services at the current level so there is a ton to care about. And, considering that the quicken version of their most recent financial update showed the Company lost $268,024.82 for the three months ended March 31, 2012, how the heck is the Hy-Impact™ product line going to be manufactured in the Delta Group Electronics’ 36,000 square-foot Fayetteville facility in Arkansas? Out of sheer kindness?

About HLNT Stock

Highline Technical Innovations Inc. is a company dedicated to producing innovative, high quality products that are economical and reduce environmental impact. After 7 years of research, testing and modification, the Hy-Impact™ line of products has emerged as a unique and successful solution to the concerns posed by rising fuel prices and the environmental concerns related to harmful emissions. In 2012, the Company joined forces with Miami-based Alternative Hydrogen Systems Group Sales and Marketing LLC, to bring the revolutionary Hy-Impact™ line of fuel saving and emissions reducing devices to market. The products that comprise the Hy-Impact™ line and their corresponding industries include:

  • Hy-Road™ for trucking,
  • Hy-Marine™ for maritime,
  • Hy-Flo™ for oil,
  • Hy-Agra™ for agriculture,
  • Hy-Rail™ for locomotive, and
  • Hy-Drolean™ for municipality

Bottom Line: HLNT has been one of the top performing penny stocks so far this summer with consistent daily gains with minimal dips along the way. Yesterday’s news surely helped push this pinky along to continue its climb, but the day may be coming when investors realize that HLNT‘s time in the top performing penny stock kitchen is done and to please place its apron on its cooking station and leave the penny stock watchlist of traders.

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