HLTD | Can Rowland W. Day Three-Peat With Sollensys?

HLTD Stock, Sollensys, New Penny StocksThe same man behind a triple and a quadruple digit winner already in 2012 is also captain of Sollensys Corp. (HLTD), one of the new penny stocks to watch. With prior ties as CEO/President of both Websafety (WBSI) and Atlas Therapeutics, now MYOS Corp. (MYOS), Rowland W. Day was appointed as the sole director of Health Directory when Middle East Ventures FZE bought 79.8% of HLTD stock for $25,000. A quick scan of the recent winners that had Day’s name attached to them, let’s just say – you had best have Sollensys on your radar.

WBSI stock ran from 0.0019 in February to 0.087 in April – A 4,478.95% two month gain. MYOS stock ran from 0.057 in February to 0.495 in June – A 768.42% four month gain.

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HLTD Stock Structure

Current Price: 0.05
Authorized: 1,500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 495,075,386
Forward Split: 131.69-for-1 Effective August 27, 2012

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There is currently no information available about the owners of Sollensys Corp. other than the address:

Middle East Ventures FZE
BC5 City Center
P.O. Box 10055
Ras al Khaimah Free Trade Zone
Ras al Khaimah-UAE

What is well known is that Rowland W. Day is the CEO, President, CFO, Secretary and Director of Sollensys and that HLTDD will need to wait until lat September for the “D” to be removed. That’s when HLTD should immediately be on the list of penny stocks to watch to spot the inaugural trades for early entry points.

Prior to the share purchase agreement, there were only 3,759,400 shares outstanding. According to the agreement, 3,000,000 were purchased for $25,000. Therefore, the per share cost basis was 0.0083. After the 131.69 for 1 forward split, Middle East Ventures FZE now owns 395,070,000 shares at a cost basis of just 0.000063 per share.

If HLTD stock was to peak at the WBSI YTD high, 0.087, whoever Middle East Ventures FZE is would stand to gain 137,995%. If HLTD was to peak at the MYOS YTD high, 0.495, like Donnie Brasco says – Fugget About It!

About HLTD Stock

Prior to the Share Purchase Agreement, Health Directory, Inc., a development stage company, had no operations but planned to link over 50 advertisers who provide various medical services and earn commission on all sales of the advertisers’ products and services. The company’s previous stated business plan was for creating and providing a health related online directory.

To view all of the SEC filings for HLTD, including the share purchase agreement, click here.

Bottom Line: Give it a few weeks before adding HLTD to the active list of penny stocks to watch. Given the previous winners of the only other two publicly traded companies Roland Day has had ties to, there is a great chance HLTD stock could be a huge winner.

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