Is Integrated Cannabis Solutions (IGPK) A Total Joke?

IGPK Stock, IGPK Scam,Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc.,The newest, worthless, pinksheet listed penny stock to make its way into the marijuana sector and expect that traders are going to go head over heels for is non other than Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (IGPK). After failing miserably at being able to monetize their business plan for wireless parking enforcement data collection and management solutions for on-street and off-street parking when dba as Integrated Parking Solutions, Inc., no change to the ticker was needed to attempt to bag traders with IGPK stock. Since there were no assets, no revenues, and nothing more than a PR and some late Friday night issued alerts, why dig for garbage when we can just rip apart the Stock Castle alert.

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Market Cap: 104.55M
Last: 0.17 ▲ +0.02 (+13.33%)
Volume: 190,203
Dollar Volume: $30,078
Open: 0.15
High: 0.17
Low: 0.15
Trades: 23
14-Day RSI: 50.11%
1st Resistance Point: 0.1767
1st Support Level: 0.1567
52Wk High: 0.35
52Wk Low: 0.02

The email alert from Stock Castle / Penny Stock Profiz starts out like this:

I want to introduce you to Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (Ticker: IGPK)

IGPK is a very interesting company. Basically, IGPK is involved in legal compliance for the marijuana industry. Now “Pot” has been selling in underground circles forever but just in the last year or so has it been legalized in a handful of US states.

From the research we conducted, IGPK surely is a very interesting company. They were pretending to be a parking meter data provider up until last month which had never made a penny, had $0 assets as of March 31, 2014, a loan payable still on the books for $33,989, and, most importantly, were nearly fully diluted since they sold 450,000,000 shares of IGPK stock to Omega Energy LLC for $0.0001. In the report they furnished to OTCMarkets for the period ended September 30, 2013, what is now called Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. did the deal with Omega Energy because they were supposed to become a company developing a new energy saving maternal and related production equipment designs for the development and manufacture of low carbon emitting construction methods utilizes sand, various industrial wastes, building construction and mining wastes as the materials for its inter-locking construction blocks.

The alert continues on stating:

IGPK is ready to capitalize on this industry while it is still in its infancy. Right now only two states (Colorado and Washington) have legalized recreational cannabis use but many more are expected to follow. There is a very strong chance that the remaining states will move to legalize cannabis with many of them already drafting laws that will show up at future elections.

As more and more states pass laws to decrminalize cannabis use IGPK will be able to help companies across the United States.

Not only will this help grow the cannabis industry as a whole but it will could make IGPK a lot of money.

IGPK is putting itself in the perfect position to dominate the cannabis industry.

Unless you have been living under a rock you know that cannabis and everything related to it has been getting loads of media attention with some weed related companies running up over One Thousand Percent.

Right now IGPK is trading at only 25 cents and I for one think it is extremely underrated!

IGPK could reach and even surpass the $1 Dollar mark.

If that where to happen a mere $5,000 Invested could turn into over $20 Grand!

If, and only if, you have access to Marty McFly’s DeLorean would you be able to see that ANY POS pinksheet listed company that had a failed business model which suddenly went into the marijuana industry had a virtual guarantee to produce gains of over 1,000%. However, when you take into consideration the facts surrounding IGPK stock, not only is it never going to hit $1, how could the Company do anything at all other than push bags of shaky IGPK shares onto novice investors who are too late to ride the cannabis train?

From the Integrated Cannabis Solutions website it states: Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc.’s is also currently seeking to acquire initial properties that are well suited for marijuana establishment owners. The Company is heavily pursuing the acquisition of multiple commercial properties. Because of the Company’s industry knowledge and experience, these properties can be filled with relative ease. How can this ever be achieved when there is no money in the bank, no more stock to be issued, and, quite frankly, no chance in Waterloo that the Company is going to help anyone grow weed, let alone be able to walk them through how to run a business.

If IGPK isn’t enough of a pinksheet POS joke chasing the “we’re going to be a marijuana giant” dream for you to risk your money on then perhaps you might want to look towards The Now Corporation (NWPN). NWPN stock is going on the circuit today and is sure to see it’s first trade go through for the month of May.

Although The Now Corporation is not up to date on their filings like Integrated Cannabis Solutions is, the price of NWPN is roughly the same while the shares issued and outstanding are about half. According to The Now Corporation website, the float for NWPN stock is only 5,554,360 which leads anyone to want to jump in the deep end with both feet looking to see market makers tighten up on the shares they short during the first few hours today.

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About IGPK Stock

Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc., fka Integrated Parking Solutions, Inc., is a development stage, start-up company focused on offering its suite of services geared towards reducing the risk, cost and complexity for responsible cannabis businesses during this monumental process of transitioning from prohibition to regulation.

Click here to view the filings for IGPK.
Click here to view the website for Integrated Cannabis Solutions.

Authorized: 650,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 615,000,041

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
05/02/14 0.1500 0.1700 0.1500 0.1700 +0.0200 +13.33% 190,200
05/01/14 0.1050 0.1500 0.1050 0.1500 -0.1000 -40.00% 4,800
04/30/14 0.1750 0.2500 0.1500 0.2500 unch unch 34,100
04/29/14 0.2500 0.2500 0.2500 0.2500 unch unch 2,500
04/28/14 0.1700 0.2500 0.1700 0.2500 +0.0900 +56.25% 40,70


Bottom Line:

Only fools and horse will be chasing IGPK after having received alerts on the POS penny stock. If you really want a marijuana stock that has some serious potential to see upwards of 100% or better gains, forget about IGPK and look out for our alert this Tuesday evening.


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