5 Penny Stock Trading Principles to Follow

How to avoid the “AMWI effect” on your penny stock trading……..

Penny Stock trading involves isolating noise from the current trend and capitalizing on that trend through well-timed entries and profit taking. These factors play a critical part in mastering potential profit expectations and risk. Penny Stock trading does have many challenges but by sticking to clear rules, success is much more probable. Since the market always moves ...

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Abot Mining’s Million Dollar Pump Pays Off


Top Penny Stock Alert of 2011OCNF 4,035.42%(May 27, 2010, $0.48 – July 26, 2011, $19.85)

It’s been a slow overall in the stock market today, especially in penny stocks, as everyone is getting ready for the holiday weekend. Stocks are up today following positive news in the jobs market and consumer sentiment. The Dow is up, the Nasdaq  and the S&P are all positive.

Penny stocks are extremely slow today with only ...

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Penny Stocks Worth Noting – Wednesday, December 21st


Allezoe Medical Holdings Co. (OTCBB: ALZM) closing price in the stock market today was $0.0403.
ALZM traded on heavy volume of 52,823,542 to close up 4.13%.
ALZM‘s market cap is a meager $6.98M.
ALZM is trading -27.91% from its 52-Week High.


Sub Penny Stock Universal Detection Technology (OTCBB: UNDT) closing price in the stock market today was $0.0002.
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Penny Stocks Worth Noting – Tuesday, December 20th

Wild swings are a predictable feature of the end of the year as investors balance under-performing portions of their portfolios at a time of low trading volume. The Stock market surged today more than 2 percent a s a whole, a market performance that some attributed partly to economic data on the housing sector in the U.S. and brighter signals from the Euro zone.

This is not the best time of the year if your a penny stock per se. The following Penny Stocks ...

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Alert: $1.6 Million Pump of Abot Mining ABOT.PK

What would you do with $1.6 million?

A small penny with a multi-million dollar bank roll is grabbing all the penny stock news and small cap attention.

Abot Mining Co. (OTCBB ABOT.PK)

Yes ABOT is making 15% gains today after making 200% gains on Friday but lets face the facts: the stock just got HAMMERED from nearly $.10 cents a day or two ago for this very reason. The old “recycle leads” trick is what it’s called.

Now no one knows this for sure ...

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