Top Penny Stocks: APS Keeps The AMLH Pump Going

AwesomePennyStocks, Wroblewski Oil and Gas The week of January 26 began exactly as expected with Awesome Penny Stocks’ group of newsletters keeping the pump alive on American Leisure Holdings, Inc. (AMLH). On an announcement that the Company’s subsidiary, Wroblewski Oil and Gas, got a commitment letter to be the middle man in a deal for 6 million tons of coal, shares of AMLH stock rebounded after declining Continue Reading →


American Leisure Holdings (AMLH) Could Get Oil Slicked

AMLH Stock, American Leisure Holdings, WroblewskiOil has been getting crushed, but American Leisure Holdings, Inc. (AMLH) is due for a surge of sorts thanks to being to the newest pick of the once kings of the pump and dump: AwesomePennyStocks. like what most traders expect which is an opening bell alert trickled out as volume begins to record 5 million shares, 10 million shares, 50 million shares, alerts on ...

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