ZNGA Stock Perfectly Set Up For Swing Traders Today

Swing traders have over 1 liter of Red Bull on ice for today as the opening bell spells massive trading action on Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA) today. ZNGA stock price closed at 5.08 yesterday with 49,790,235 shares traded between 4.88 and 5.19. Pre-Market as of 8:53am, the Farmville, Cityville, and, for investors, ...

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Facebook IPO: SNAP Interactive (STVI) Stock Is Cheaper

When is the Facebook IPO? How can I buy shares in Facebook? How much is Facebook stock? Why? Why? Why? Zuckerberg has been running around New York in his “hoody”, refiling once again the Facebook S-1 to adjust for lowered revenues estimates due to increased mobile phone use. Apps that feed the social giant, like Zynga (Nasdaq: ZNGA), are a ...

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Facebook IPO Helps Boost Zynga (ZNGA) Stock Price

Why ask “When is Facebook IPO coming out” when recent IPO Zynga, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA ) is “booming” since Facebook announced going public. Shares in ZNGA traded nearly 6x its Average Volume since its IPO in December yesterday on the heels of Facebook’s announcement.

ZNGA traded as high as $12.91 in yesterday’s trading session.
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Jim Rogers On Facebook and The IPO

Jim Rogers, the outspoken proponent of the free market and CEO/Chairman of Rogers Holdings, said yesterday he wouldn’t be a buyer of the highly anticipated Facebook stock simply because it would be too expensive. Jim Rogers is a widely followed investor and publisher of several books on investing whose insight has proven itself as he and Billionaire investor Continue Reading →


13 Good Stocks To Buy Now: January 26, 2012

The stock market and picking good stocks to buy now may be quantified in numbers but, in its purest form, it is about philosophies. When deciding which stock is the best stock to buy now, whether its penny stocks or blue chips, you should be greedy in your intake of information to Aim for the High Profits.

Stock market investing is about coming across sketches of a financial plan that lead to the investigation ...

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Facebook IPO: Is It Worth It?

Facebook Financial Summary:

Jan. 2011 – Sept. 2011

Assets: $5.6 billion
Cash/cash equivalents: $3.5 billion
Debt: $0
Shareholder equity: $4.5 billion

Operating cash flow: $1 billion
Revenue: $2.5 billion
Operating income: $1.2 billion
Net income: $714 million


  • Employees 30%
  • Mark Zuckerberg 24%
  • Digital Sky Technologies 10%
  • Accel Partners 8% (had 10% but sold 2%)
  • Dustin Moskowitz 6%
  • Eduardo Saverin 5%
  • Sean Parker 4%
  • Goldman Sachs clients 3%
  • Microsoft 1.3%
  • Peter Thiel and/or Clarium Capital 3%
  • Greylock Partners 1.4%
  • Meritech Capital Partners 1.6%
  • Chris Hughes 1 %
  • Li Ka-shing .75%
  • Interpublic Group .50%
  • Goldman Sachs .8%

[Source: All figures via a ...

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Stocks Of Note: ZNGA, Facebook, ADBE, AMWI, APP

Why Name A Company After Your Dog And Expect The IPO To Explode?

The stock market today was strong enough to end the week without disheartening investors on this quadruple witching Friday. Dow down 0.02% and NASDAQ up 0.56% – I’ll buy that for a $1.

Some of the main stocks our subscribers were asking about in the stock market today are:


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Tech News – December 16

ZNGA sold 100 million shares at $10 a share last night. It starts trading today on the NASDAQ.

RIMM delivered another stinker of an earnings report. The big problem was guidance, and the future of the company. The new BlackBerrys that are supposed to save the company won’t be out until the end of 2012.

RIMM‘s CEOs are also lowering their base salary to a dollar as a way of sharing the pain with investors.

Wall Street is “throwing in the towel” on ...

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