Top 10 Penny Stocks | Organovo Holdings Gets Shorted

SWVI, ONVO, MJNA, FARE, CERP, ECAU, AONEQ, AAMRQ, ACTCWednesday’s trading session provided every opportunity for penny stock traders to line their pockets with enough money to purchase themselves a Superbowl ticket. All 10 of the top penny stocks traded on the OTC markets have been covered here at one point with Echo Automotive (ECAU) having its first really breakout session to join the elite forces. The Company announced today the launch of its latest product offering; a multi-mode hybrid technology aimed directly at significantly improving the economic performance of fleet operations.

With ECAU stock hard mailed and hard wired into the system now, investors have yet another ample opportunity to double their money since our coverage was initiated on many of the top penny stocks listed below.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded Wednesday, January 23

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
ONVO 4.55 -23.01% 33,289,167 6,692,657 6,930
SWVI 0.2899 +70.33% 21,044,337 88,414,066 5,282
FARE 0.1091 +83.36% 4,850,826 56,016,925 2,933
CERP 0.0291 +17.34% 2,624,494 74,543,621 2,109
ECAU 1.07 +8.08% 3,644,997 3,467,016 1,329
AONEQ 0.057 +54.05% 1,656,466 34,548,292 1,240
AAMRQ 1.42 +0.71% 5,662,846 4,009,570 1,082
MJNA 0.143 -3.44% 1,466,304 10,524,216 809
EKDKQ 0.191 +7.00% 1,332,179 6,651,739 773
ACTC 0.0815 -4.23% 1,432,474 17,399,219 649

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The bouncy bounce call on World Moto Inc. (FARE) appears to still have some spring in it after watching the shares rally for a second straight session closing just .0004 of the HOD. FARE stock has gained as much as 178% since the start of the trading week although we would have liked to have seen it hit the 2’s before bouncing.

As expected, Swingplane Ventures (SWVI) came out swinging with tremendous volume prior to the confirmed announcement of it being the next Awesome Penny Stocks victim. Shares of SWVI stock were already up 40% within 6 minutes of the opening bell as investors scurried to grab a piece of the next “over $1.00 soon” prediction from the APS group.

Calculating the risk/reward in detail, first for VIP members, Cereplast (CERP) traded as high as 0.0449 on Wednesday, a 349% gain for those who grabbed the penny shares on our VIP alert. Still well below the 50 Day moving average and level where insiders bought in November, CERP stock is going to continue to be actively traded for the foreseeable future.

While we had serious doubts about Organovo Holdings (ONVO) when we first covered them a few months ago, chatter on Twitter just prior to the open had some mentions of short sellers hitting it hard today. Considering that ONVO stock reached as high as $6.35 just after the opening bell, the run it had since November was due for a shorting session to correct it.

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Bottom Line: The penny stocks listed above should all be on your watch ist for Thursday. FARE is due for a pull back just like we mentioned yesterday with MJNA and SWVI wont see half the volume it saw today as flippers are out and long traders are looking for the upcoming dip. ECAU, now up nearly 50% since our coverage on it began, is the one we think could just be stretching its legs out for a run.

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