Top 10 Traded OTC/Pinksheets Stocks To Watch

Harry Lappa’s penny stock, North Springs Resources (OTC: NSRS), continued collapse led the top traded OTC stocks again as investors struggle to grasp the reality of the stock having lost roughly 2/3 its value in less than a week. Email alerts are still being circulated to lure investors to focusing on a $5 price target and “strong buy” rating. Fortunately, we are not one of them and our subscribers have been made well aware of the eventual collapse of NSRS prior to it hitting $1.72 last week.

The following stocks were the top traded OTC / PinkSheets stocks in respect to the number of trades made, not volume of stock traded:

Top 10 Most Traded OTC Stocks Tuesday, February 14

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
NSRS 0.591 -11.79 16,485,720 28,596,555 3,187
ATRN 0.265 +33.17 4,577,391 19,072,201 1,741
SNDY 0.0102 +25.93 1,842,948 212,450,557 1,593
CBIS 0.047 +44.62 1,713,962 38,585,448 1,555
TSCDY 15.03 -1.64 15,088,469 1,012,883 1,430
AAMRQ 0.559 -3.95 4,331,567 7,750,598 1,181
PLPE 0.2299 +53.27 1,746,960 8,362,701 1,135
MFTH 0.016 -11.11 694,965 30,149,962 1,108
FNMA 0.34 +3.34 3,908,537 11,559,820 964
STVI 1.68 -11.58 1,721,889 1,064,890 745


1. NSRS.OB, North Springs Resources Corp., a gold exploration company run by CEO Harry Lappa, has been pumping out press releases almost daily for the last few weeks about its three properties and the testing of soil samples on them.

2. ATRN.PK, Atrinsic, Inc., operates as a direct to consumer Internet marketing company which sells entertainment and lifestyle subscription products direct to consumers of which are Kazaa and GatorArcade.

3. SNDY.PK, Solos Endoscopy, Inc., a company which primarily offers rigid endoscopes, hand held surgical instruments, and video equipment for the minimally invasive surgery market, announced the retirement of one hundred fifty million (150,000,000) common shares held by its officers and directors.

4. CBIS.OB, Cannabis Science, Inc., the biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis products, announced the signing of a multi-company acquisition agreement.

5. TSCDY.PK, Tesco PLC, recently had iconic investor Warren Buffett increase his stake in the UK based grocer.

6. AAMRQ.PK, AMR Corp. (parent corp. of American Airlines), is still looking to find a solution to cut costs as flight attendants and ground workers marched in picket lines Tuesday to protest.

7. PLPE.OB, PeopleString Corp., is a social networking portal that launched a national television advertising campaign booked to run over 13,000 times in February.

8. MFTH.OB, MediaSafe 1 Technologies, a developer of patented technologies that physically preventunauthorized administration of prescription medications, is starting its repurchase up to 10 million of its outstanding shares of common stock at a price up to $0.10 per share.

9. FNMA.OB, Federal National Mortgage Association, are the ones to blame for the housing crisis with their Fannie Mae mortgage-backed securities (Fannie Mae MBS), which are bought and sold in the secondary mortgage market.

10. STVI.OB, Stevia Corp., the farm management company focused on the economic development of the alternative sweetener, stevia, announced its reviewing proposals as a potential new crop for farmers in the U.S.

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