Top Penny Stocks Welcomes New Pump and Dump: DIMI Stock

Thursday’s trading session saw Great Wall Builder Ltd. (OTC: GWBU) stock back atop the leader board for most executed trades. GWBU stock price has not fluctuated much for the past few weeks other than the mini-crash on June 7th which was more of a precursor of the coming future for the penny shares. GWBU stock ended the day at $1.75 while penny stock alerts on the pump and dump by APS have been issuing $2, $15 and $3 price targets and even creating a fake website to push this POS.

Translation: They want to dump GWBU and move on to Georgetown Corp. (OTC: GTCP)

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Thursday’s Top Penny Stocks * Most Trades

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume *Trades
GWBU 1.75 +4.79% 9,571,719 5,573,612 2,148
DIMI 0.835 -17.33% 4,772,332 5,105,445 1,299
IDNG 4.09 +7.63% 6,858,502 1,718,560 755
ENTB 0.0135 -10.00% 408,587 27,271,684 642
FLPC 0.049 +63.33% 376,438 6,395,241 604
GBGM 0.33 -2.94% 732,512 2,088,448 585
ALZM 0.012 +73.91% 404,737 40,513,596 520
LUXR 1.22 +7.96% 1,209,223 999,145 515
SAGD 0.0076 -80.46% 278,517 20,908,059 513
YIPI 1.17 -25.00% 923,750 754,812 466

DiMi Telematics Intl. (OTC: DIMI) came out of nowhere today, or did it? DIMI stock price traded within the range of 1.12 – 0.53, pretty much what the scammers from MoneyRunnersGroup were hoping for as we covered. Global Gaming Network (OTC: GBGM) maintained some stability even though TBX is officially done with their heroic efforts of their 1st of 2 picks annually. If not for our alert when the GBGM stock price was 0.315, traders may not have had a chance to make anything on the POS that topped out at 0.49.

Three, not so familiar penny stocks joined Thursday’s top 10 list:

• Entest BioMedical Inc. (OTC: ENTB) Day Range: 0.0223 – 0.0104 3m Avg Volume: 5,414,683
• Allezoe Medical Holdings Inc. (OTC: ALZM) Day Range: 0.0129 – 0.0063 3m Avg. Volume: 5,254,799
• South American Gold Corp. (OTC: SAGD) Day Range: 0.037 – 0.0067 3m Avg. Volume: 390,718

However, the best news of the day of the top penny stocks comes from Independence Energy Corp. (OTC: IDNG). IDNG stock price traded within the range of 4.11 – 3.82 during the trading session. The significance is less on the Company’s LOI to acquire another 2% interest in their oil prospecting project, but more on the stock which broke $4.00. At this point, IDNG is up 94.76% from our initial alert on May 6 and should be treated as a swing trade at this point since the price is less likely to jump until the share dividend takes place.

Bottom Line: The three new additions to the top penny stocks list, ENTB, ALZM and SAGD will likely not be seen there again this year. Of the other 7, FLPC and GBGM could fall off tomorrow as well. Therefore, keep GBWU, YIPI, IDNG, DIMI and YIPI on your list of penny stocks to watch and remember that tomorrow is BYPF: Book You Profits Friday.

Any penny stock worth owning Monday is worth buying, so don’t hesitate to sell and buy back on Monday. You  never know what could happen over the weekend.

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  • Verify Everything.
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  • Do not Use Market Orders to Enter a Position, Use Limit Orders.
  • Have a System That fits You.
  • If a Stock Gaps Open, Look for Pullbacks to Enter.
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  • Positive Attitude / Positive Self- Belief.
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