USFC | USA Synthetic Fuel Has $5.5 Billion On Their Plate

USFC Stock, OTC USFC, USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation,USASF,clean energy stocksClean energy focused penny stocks are all over the OTCBB and Pinksheets, but very few of them have projects that are valued at over $5.5 billion. That’s the estimates Dr. Steven C. Vick, CEO, and Harry H. Graves, Executive Chairman and CFO, of USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation (USFC) are accounting for as the Company moves forward with their projects currently under development and construction. The shear size and estimated near-term production of an estimated 38.6 million barrels of oil equivalent, synthetic fuel products per year, USFC stock popped up on our radar screens and looks a bit volatile which presents a slew of possibilities for savvy traders.

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Market Cap: 104.89M
Friday Close: 1.30 ▲ +0.7899 (+154.85%)
Volume: 23,000
Dollar Volume: $23,226
Open: 0.935
High: 1.30
Low: 0.85
Trades: 21
Authorized: 300,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 80,682,390
Harry Hammond Graves: 32,374,330
1st Resistance Point: 1.45
1st Support Level: 1.00

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To say that revenue expectations for USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation, aka USASF, requires a long-term approach is a bit of an understatement. Of the 2 main projects the Company is working on, the Lima Project and the Cleantech Energy Project, Ohio looks as if it is winning the race to completion with Wyoming coming in at a distant 2nd.

USASF’s Lima Energy Project is being designed to produce 8.0 million barrels/year of ultra clean synthetic crude when fully operational. The “when fully operational” is the key phrase despite the fact that it was one of the first projects in the U.S. to receive the permits necessary to begin construction work on a solid hydrocarbon Ultra Clean Btu Conversion facility.

Back in October, 2012, Lima Energy Company, which was under the control of Harry H. Graves, entered into a Real Estate Acquisition and Development Agreement. For $1.5 million, the company purchased 63 acres of land from the City of Lima, Ohio to construct an environmental energy park with synthetic fuel production facilities. The deal reeled in an additional $70 million from city, state and federal sources for supporting infrastructure thereby creating a major fuel asset from significant direct and indirect capital investments.

A ton of money is still required to complete the project and get it up and running, but, in the meantime, USFC stock is looking like it could be on someone’s radar screen for more than just a flip. Bringing in BDO USA, LLP to be their independent registered public accounting firm put USFC on a number of radar screens and if the float that OTCMarkets reports is correct, 3,519,240 as of June 10, 2013, it won’t take much attention at all to send this into a frenzy.

USFC, USFC Stock, OTC USFC, USFC Stock Quote, USFC Stock Chart, Dr. Steven C. Vick, Harry H. Graves, ,Harry Hammond Graves,USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation,USASF,clean energy stocks, cheap energy stocks

About USFC Stock

USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation, aka USASF, is a development stage, environmental energy company focused on low cost clean energy solutions from the deployment of proven Ultra Clean Btu Converter technology.

Click here to view the SEC filings for USFC.
Click here to view the website for USA Synthetic Fuel.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
08/23/13 1.3000 +0.7899 +154.85% 23,000
08/21/13 0.5101 -0.4499 -46.86% 300
08/19/13 0.9600 +0.4600 +92.00% 700
08/16/13 0.5000 -0.3800 -43.18% 200
08/15/13 0.8800 -0.0200 -2.22% 300


Bottom Line:

USFC is very much like ZERO in a sense that it’s going to take some serious patience if a long investor is going to see 100% gains. Be that as it may, not every penny stock gets pumped which could be the saving grace for USFC since one blip of positive news out of Lima, Ohio could launch it into the stratosphere.

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