3 Stocks To Keep An Eye On: BSTA, PENC, GRMS

3The week ahead is due to begin with some half-decent momentum behind it after last week’s dozen or so plays which wee worth a flip. For example, Quicksilver Resources Inc (KWKAQ) was alerted early in the day on Friday at 0.025 as it started getting some light volume off of news, spiking for a nanosecond to 0.06 for max profit potential of 140%, while InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. (NVIV) reached $2.93 to end the week providing for max profit potential of 33% off the $2.20 Tuesday bounce idea.  With a few others like SOGC, DLIAQ, THCZ, ALSO, LLBO, PPCH, TLPY, HDSI and HDYN filling in the earlier part of the week for flips, three penny stocks we’ll have a close eye on at the start of the week are:

  • Basta Holdings, Corp. (BSTA);
  • PEN Inc (PENC); and
  • Green Energy Management Services Holdings, Inc. (GRMS)

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BSTA Stock Quote / Chart

BSTA Chart

BSTA stock has been pumped before, back in the early part of 2015 and in late 2014 as a “momo alert” headlined by Cohen’s group of newsletters.  No news has surfaced in over a year from the aircraft leasing and acquisition/cargo and passenger operations/flight operations and maintenance focused company, but still, it has a sick share structure:


Shares Outstanding 3,730,000 a/o Feb 18, 2014
Float 730,000 a/o Feb 28, 2014
Authorized Shares 75,000,000 a/o Jan 27, 2014

With the big bump in volume on Friday (a possible front load), there’s a chance you’ll be seeing BSTA alerts hit inboxes in the coming days.

PENC Stock Quote / Chart

PENC Chart

PENC shares have been climbing for the better part of March and saw volume increase daily since Tuesday without ever breaking past the 500,000 shares traded point.  PENC has been semi-active on the PR front having last issued an update in early February about their plans to develop a new category of cleaning products intended to clean and fortify surfaces at the nanoscale-level.

Unlike the favorable share structure of BSTA, PENC stock still looks worthy of a check-in here and there this week:


Shares Outstanding 233,647,854 a/o Nov 14, 2014
Float Not Available
Authorized Shares 1,300,000,000 a/o Oct 10, 2014
GRMS Stock Quote / Chart

GRMS Chart

GRMS (delisted form the Nasdaq back in 2006) is the third unusual volume ticker we’ll be watching closely this week, especially since the New York based energy management company has not issued any news publicly that we can see in over a year.  The Company that books their revenues from energy saving lighting products utilizing LED’s and water conservation technology at Co-op City in the Bronx, New York is due to release their Q4/2014 annual results soon which could be a filing to watch out for.

The shares structure of GRMS is not as favorable for massive gains as BSTA‘s, but it’s well worth watching considering the less than 8 million share float:


Shares Outstanding 64,189,569 a/o Feb 26, 2015
Float 7,324,091 a/o Feb 26, 2015
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Feb 26, 2015

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Bottom Line:

These three penny stocks, BSTA, PENC, and GRMS, should be added to everyone’s watch list for Monday and adjusted accordingly as the week progresses.  There’s a good chance to see some increased activity on BSTA stock, considering it’s been pumped previously as a momo play, while GRMS and PENC could see some ramping up as well as we draw closer to the end of Q1.

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