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Without any news in like forever, filings for Airborne Security & Protective Services Inc. (OTC Pink: ABPR) hit late on Friday and man are they impressive.  Dark since September, 2011, 3 years worth of annual reports and the first 2 quarters of 2015 hit Friday for the sought-after security company out of North Miami Beach, Florida.  Now, even though ABPR stock has seem some activity this year, having peaked at .0028 in mid-March, the traders who scour penny stocks this weekend that come across these filings might have their eyes pop out of their heads seeing cash on hand roughly 150% of the current market cap.

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There isn’t going to be much to go off of in terms of what’s going on with Airborne Security & Protective Services other than what’s available in the bulk filings from Friday.  Cash of $382,335.63, total current liabilities of $198,044.65, revenues of $878,080.30 during the most recent three months which provided net income of $246,286.89 should be enough to get the ABPR party started.

According to their website, Airborne Security boasts having more than 100 years in experience in private security, military, and law enforcement training which they use to provide their clients with the kind of protection they need.  Providing armed and unarmed security services to commercial and residential properties, airports, airlines, national retail stores, and luxury residential high rise buildings, if those numbers are true, then they are clearly a force which penny stock traders will want to become familiar with.

Looking back at their annual report for the three years ended December 31, 2014, 2013 and 2012, top line numbers of $1,750,899, $1,827,824, and $2,252,585, respectively, immediately raises a red flag to indicate that ABRR shares are way too low.  What’s even more extreme is how the $246,286.89 and $202,180.40 of net income reported for Q2 and Q1, 2015, respectively, is, individually, better than the previous three annual net income(loss) totals combined.

The filings were better than well received as the ABPR message board went to the #1 Breakout Board on iHub in less than 12 hours of the receipt of them with OTCMarkets.  If any OTC Markets trader fails to spot the indications that August is going to begin with a massive bang, started off with APBR stock, then they should stay at the beach and keep rolling those hot dogs on their grill so the real traders can pocket all the profits.


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