Add Regency Resources (RSRS) to the List of Hot Penny Stocks

The Red Sox Pic to start this article is two-fold; First in hopes they can pick up the pieces after getting smoked last night 18-3 after the Rangers hit 6 dingers on them. Ouch! Second, Red Sox preludes the ticker for what will be the best of the penny stock picks you hear about this month: Regency Resources Inc. (OTCBB: RSRS).

When unknown, unfollwed OTCBB stocks explode with volume out of nowhere after announcing an acquisition that is building out media for delivering content to the next generation of Internet TV, it gets our attention and COMMANDS YOURS. RSRS announced a Binding LOI to merge with Digitally Distributed Acquisition Corp. for entry into the Internet TV sector. The plan of RSRS is to merge with Digitally Distributed Acquisition Corp. (“DDAC”) so that they can develop a media based business offering an in-depth portfolio of content for Internet TV distribution.

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RSRS Stock Snap Shot:

Market Cap: 80.12M
Shares Outstanding: 73.50M
5 Day % Change: 28.24%
5 Day SMA: 0.96
5 Day Avg Vol: 708,918

RSRS Contact Info:

1639 11th Street
Suite 152
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone: 1-800-783-3128

Regency Resources basically took over a shell and is going to go down the path of NSRS, SNPK, STVF and CBIS. Bankrolled promotion’s normally bring in big time liquidity which is what drives penny stock promotions with the deep-pocketed traders. IF the group behind the RSRS promo allows the penny shares to rise, this could be a $3 stock in a month.

So RSRS has traded $1 million per day the last two trading sessions and the stock price has risen from $0.87 to $1.10. This is huge since the price action on RSRS shows us that the group behind it is diluting responsibly and giving the share price time to breathe so it can increase. Action like this so is sexy and one of the main reasons why we think RSRS is going to have a great run.

Note Well: there are always risks involved when trading penny stocks but all we can do is take the information we have available and decide what risks we should bring to our readers and subscribers. RSRS, just like NSRS, SNPK, STVF and CBIS is one of those risks AimHighProfits definitely feels is worth taking to let you in on it and discover the opportunity for yourself from here.

To view the SEC filing of the proposed merger for RSRS, click here.

Bottom Line: Add RSRS immediately to your list of penny stocks to watch. We here at AimHighProfits brought you NSRS at $0.38, STVF at $0.85, SNPK at $0.43 and even CBIS at $0.0291. Smart people investing or trading penny stocks would pick up RSRS at this level with a Stop-Loss of around $0.93 for those that want to pounce on this penny stock before the promo starts on it.

Apple and all the other major manufacturers are starting to intro pre-configured Internet TVs, and someone is going to have to provide the technology and content to make them worth it. Why not RSRS? If anything just for a profit before the penny stock gets too much hype after its promo’d.

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