AIDO | Traders Found The RFID Signal Of Advanced ID Corp.

AIDO Stock, Advanced ID Corporation, Bryan Clark Esq., Cane Clark LLPWithout regard to financial reports being more than two years old, traders jumped into the penny stock of Advanced ID Corporation (AIDO) with high hopes. Last week, one of the direct links to a former APS one-day alert, Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX), reinstated the Company with the Nevada Secretary of State. Looking to get into some AIDO stock while they are still listed as with the “caveat emptor” designation, traders jumped on board for a ride which might take months before ever landing.

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Market Cap: 396.90K
Close: 0.0054, up 0.0023 (74.19%)
Volume: 1,182,044
Dollar Volume: $6,310
High: 0.0069
Low: 0.0031
Trades: 30
Average Trade Size: 39,401
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 79,996,987

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The records were updated for Advanced ID Corp. on November 8th which lit up the speculator’s radar screens causing the following trading session, November 9th, to be the biggest volume traded in over three years: 9,677,931 shares. With AIDO stock price rising as high as 0.0065 that day, there doesnt even need to be an APS one and done pump for traders to get stuck holding bags.

What we can source is that back on October 15, 2009, La Jolla Cove Investors converted $15,000 of the outstanding debenture on the books of Advanced ID into 800,128 shares of AIDO stock, a per share average of $0.01874. La Jolla Cove Investors, a California-based private investment company, became involved with the Company after they agreed to issue financing up to $3 million for the RFID technology company. The La Jolla Cove Investors group can also be traced back, over the last 6 months, to financing arrangements with:

    • Worthington Energy (WGAS),
    • mPhase Technologies (XDSL),
    • MultiCell Technologies (MCET),
    • World Surveillance Group (WSGI), and
    • The X-Change Corporation (XCHC)

So now that Advanced ID is reinstated, what can we expect? This could be the balloon material maker used in the recent sky-dive from space. It could be the new gold exploration company that recent found where Hispanola has the largest gold deposits. Maybe they stay focused on what they weren’t so good at even though they claimed once to supply more than 3,000 organizations, including animal shelters, veterinarians, breeders, government agencies, universities, zoos, research labs and fisheries with RFID devices for companion animals. Who knows.

What we do know is they have a ton of filings to do beyond the NSOS and that jumping in AIDO stock on day one wont help you on day two,three and four.

About AIDO Stock

Advanced ID Corporation, according to their 2009 SEC filings, was a complete solutions provider in the RFID market with a focus on the tire management industry. The Company was active in the pet recovery business through its AVID Canada subsidiary in Calgary, Alberta, and had developed a UHF RFID reader product line through its Advanced ID Asia Engineering technical support and business development partner in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
11/16/12 0.0054 +0.0023 +74.19% 1,182,000
11/15/12 0.0031 -0.0009 -22.50% 379,600
11/14/12 0.0040 +0.0010 +33.33% 109,000
11/13/12 0.0030 -0.0010 -25.00% 189,900
11/12/12 0.0040 -0.0024 -37.50% 1,112,300

Bottom Line: Like a lot of sub penny stocks, AIDO is seeing some love right now and worth a look at while next week’s action will all be on the cheapies. If any of the bag holders from 2008 or 2009 become aware of the recent activity, maybe AIDO stock could see the penny it saw a little more than a year ago. againof

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