American Cannabis Company Inc. (BIMI) Is Creeping Up The Chart

BIMI Stock, American Cannabis Company,Brazil Interactive Media Inc.While all eyes are due to be glued to the World Cup finals this weekend in Brazil, some penny stock traders are sniffing around another “Brazil” in hopes of striking it big before the rest of the world starts watching. Primarily doing business as American Cannabis Company Inc., shares of Brazil Interactive Media, Inc. (BIMI) have slowly been inching their way up the chart in preparation of what is sure to be a pre-planned event to capitalize on what little enthusiasm still lingers for new marijuana stocks. Having just come out of the 1st annual Weedstock Conference in Denver, CO this past weekend, bags of BIMI stock have yet to get collected even though The Satchel™ seems to be a big hit already by dispensaries to keep kids from getting into your stash.

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Market Cap: 52.46M
Last: 1.30 ▲ +0.10 (+8.33%)
Volume: 2,000
Dollar Volume: $2,590
Open: 1.28
High: 1.30
Low: 1.28
Trades: 5
14-Day RSI: 53.35%
1st Resistance Point: 1.3067
1st Support Level: 1.2867
52Wk High: 1.55
52Wk Low: 0.01

American Cannabis Company Inc. hit our screens after they entered into a merger agreement with Brazil Interactive Media, Inc. on May 15, 2014 which essentially had the new corporation taking over, separating themselves from all of the previous business engagements of the Brazil-based, interactive TV entertainment, production and broadcasting company. The agreement between Cannamerica, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, and Hollister & Blacksmith, Inc. d/b/a American Cannabis Consulting, Inc., a Colorado corporation, BIMI stock became listed as one of the low float marijuana tickers that looks to become a decent play as July starts to heat up.

BIMI is considered to be a low floater to watch since 45,279,114 shares were issued and outstanding prior to the merger agreement with 40,350,000 expected to be the total issued and outstanding now that the transaction essentially is a done deal. Within the 40,350,000, our calculations come up with 36,885,323 shares of BIMI owned by management and directors making the float a little less than 3,500,000.

Based on how so many marijuana stocks have sprouted up with little to no substance behind their existence except plans to do something in the industry, many of which are stupid apps which will help you locate the nearest dispensary for when you run dry. American Cannabis Company appears to be above and beyond these wannabes with the three vertically integrated businesses, American Cannabis Consulting, Cube Root Inc. and The Trade Winds Inc., which deliver an end-to-end solution for their customers and clients within the cannabis industry.

On Monday, the Company announced that they launched their product called The Satchel™, a child-resistant bag for use by dispensaries as an industry-approved exit package of cannabis-based products, through The Trade Winds which Kush Bottles, Inc./DANK Bottles, LLC agreed to purchase 500,000 units of in two increments of 170,000 units and a third and final order of 160,000 units, through December 2014. As long as they agree to purchase 500,000 a year, Kush will be the Company’s exclusive seller of The Satchel™.

Although the total revenue numbers are unpredictable for the Kush deal, American Cannabis Company made headlines a month ago when they announced consulting contract wins in the state of Illinois which they hope to turn into actual revenues at some point this year for pre-business planning and application work for Illinois-based entrepreneurs and established businesses looking to become weed dealers and growers. Through their The Cube segment, a ​turnkey solution for indoor plant cultivation, aiding those located in Illinois could become the lifeline over time since doing business in your own backyard makes more sense than trying to stretch across state lines.

Although Themistocles Psomiadis and Michael Novielli are expected to resign from our Board of Directors, a predominant catalyst for BIMI is Novielli’s Dutchess Opportunity Fund II LP involvement. Unlike toxic financiers like Asher Enterprises Inc., the deals that Dutchess has been involved with, not just on the OTCBB, but around the planet, adds a glimmer of trueness to BIMI stock and why it belongs on the watch list.

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About BIMI Stock

American Cannabis Company Inc., a division of Brazil Interactive Media, Inc., is a development stage company focused on providing products and services to regulated and licensed Medical Marijuana, recreational and hemp operators.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BIMI.
Click here to view the website for American Cannabis Company

Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 40,350,000

  • Corey Hollister: 12,684,251
  • Ellis Smith: 12,684,251
  • Anthony Baroud: 4,756,594
  • Dutchess Opportunity Fund II LP: 4,823,912*
  • Themistocles Psomiadis: 1,590,289
  • Michael Novielli: 5,169,938*

* – Michael Novielli is a director who owns Dutchess Opportunity Fund II LP, Dutchess Advisors LLC, Dutchess Private Equities Fund II LP and Dutchess Private Equities Fund, Ltd.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
07/02/14 1.2800 1.3000 1.2800 1.3000 +0.1000 +8.33% 2,000
07/01/14 1.2800 1.2800 1.2000 1.2000 -0.1000 -7.69% 800
06/30/14 1.2500 1.3000 1.1400 1.3000 +0.0500 +4.00% 6,000
06/27/14 1.2100 1.4100 1.1000 1.2500 +0.2500 +25.00% 15,200
06/26/14 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 -0.2000 -16.67% 1,100


Bottom Line:

CBDS was smoking hot today, adding some fuel to the theory that marijuana related penny stocks are due to have a strong summer (or atleast strong runs during the summer). With what looks to be a slow, manipulated price increase of BIMI stock at present, having it on the radar for when trades exceed 15 like most scanners, could mean it won’t be for another week or so until you notice it. From what we’ve gathered from what we can see, getting that Satchel open to begin stuffing starter positions of BIMI stock before what looks to be a ticker change to come should be a child-proof way of getting out above $2/$3 later this month.

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