AMNP Stock Becoming Attractive Now That Split Effected

There are times when you chase a stock as it rises, and times when you squat on a block of shares in hopes something will happen. Get your favorite investment lawn chairs out because something is about to happen with American Sierra Gold Corp. (AMNP). AMNP stock price is sitting at a nickel right now after having their “D” removed following the 1:15 reverse split and smart speculators are stepping in hoping James Vandeberg will do better with American Sierra Gold than he did with Legend Oil and Gas (LOGL).

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AMNPAMNP Stock Chart

a/o April 30, 2012:

Cash: $5
Convertible Notes Payable: $9,250
Accumulated Deficit: $5,227,810

Since Inception (Jan 30, 2007):

Sales: $0
Exploration Costs: $4,880
Total Operating Expenses: $801,207

On June 15, 2012, FINRA effected the 1 new for 15 old reverse stock split on the broke down Ukrainian classical music shell which is now American Sierra Gold Corp. As a result, the authorized shares decreased from 2 billion to 133.33 million and the issued and outstanding shares decreased from 91,253,626 to 6,083,576. Sweet, so with James Vandeberg at the helm as the Sole Officer & Director, what can speculative investors hope for?

A History of where Vandeberg has been: (see here)

April 17, 2012: Sole Officer & Director of American Sierra Gold Corp. fka C E Entertainment Inc.)
April 11, 2012: Vice-President, Secretary, CFO of Legend Oil & Gas, Ltd., fka Sin Holdings Inc. (SNHI)
September 20, 2010: CFO of Regi US Inc. (RGUS)
April 29, 2009: Director of ASAP Expo Inc. (ASAE)
February 11, 2009: President and CEO of We Save Homes, Inc. (WESA), fka Global West Resources Inc. (GWRC)
February 7, 2008: CFO of IAS Energy Inc. (IASCA), fka IAS Communications Inc.
December 31, 2005: President of Modern City Entertainment Inc. No public trading market exists for the Company’s securities.
December 5, 2010: Director of China Yili Petroleum (CYIP), fka ASAP Show Inc. (ASHI)
July 7, 2005: Director Infosmart Group Inc. (IFSG), fka Cyber Merchants Exchange Inc. (CMXG)

Not the greatest resume for bringing home the bacon, but surely there is reason to believe that the convertible debt bound to lead to a flurry of shares on the market for a future pump.

About AMNP Stock

Effective May 19, 2009, the Company changed its name from C.E. Entertainment, Inc. by way of a merger with its wholly owned subsidiary American Sierra Gold Corp., which was formed solely for the purpose of a change in name.  In addition, the Company changed its focus to a business plan involving the acquisition, exploration, development, mining, and production of precious metals, with emphasis on gold and silver.

In November 2010, the Company acquired a 100% undivided interest in six mineral claims in the Adams Ridge area of British Columbia, Canada totaling approximately 2,479 hectares. The Adams Ridge Claims are held in trust for the Company by Carl Von Einsiedel, trustee of the BC Land Trust, as required by the B.C. Mineral Tenure Act. The claims have been registered with the Government of British Columbia.

The Company’s plan of operation is to conduct mineral exploration activities on the Adams Ridge Claims in order to assess whether the sites possess mineral deposits of gold or other precious metals in commercial quantities, capable of commercial extraction. The Company has ceased exploration activities due to budgetary constraints and, therefore, has not established whether there are mineral reserves at the Adams Ridge Claims sites, nor can there be any assurance that the Company will be able to commence exploration activities.

Bottom Line: Speculators in search of gold for a nickel can get some here with the penny stock of American Sierra Gold Corp. (AMNP). Don’t expect this to have a Harry Lappa type run unless Vandeberg has just bee practicing all these years with these other penny stock companies. Seriously though, have AMNP on your list of penny stocks to watch and monitor the trading activity. The bis/ask spread was so wide today, it offers a prospector reason to believe a run could be coming.

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