Abnormal AMWI Normal?

AMWI is still up, barely, since our initial alert, however we are seeing a ridiculous golden opportunity in this penny stock right now to pick it up at around 90% less than it was trading at its high last week. If this isn’t a 90% discount from those levels we don’t know what is!

With all the holders out there, everyone is talking about how AMWI could become one of the biggest bounce plays of the month, and maybe the year. It is at levels we believe could be rock bottom for AMWI.

Is there any room to go but up at this point?


The chart is showing amazing support in the 10 cent range and we could be heavily rewarded soon.

Those who didn’t buy AMWI earlier for they thought it was “too expensive” can buy now for much less than it was at last week.

What is great is that it still has the same solid potential it had before, and the company even announced several more news that are very interesting.

Short positions are clearly still present and if we are lucky we could see a very decent squeeze  happen in the next days or weeks.


***Reminder: never chase stocks that gap at the open and always protect your profits!

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