AMWI – Buy on the Bottom?

Amwest Imaging Inc (OTC:AMWI) is still being actively pumped, but the price hasn’t moved too much in the last few sessions. It is not clear yet if the promotional pump has run out of fuel, or there may be another spike.

AMWI has been as low as $0.09 oday and has lost nealry 40% in he stock market today (so far).

Yesterday, AMWI closed flat at $0.179 with approximately 8.8 million shares changing hands. It should be noted, though, that the price reached $0.196 during the session.

The lower volume may be seen as a sign that the pump has lost power, but this isn’t certain. The company does its part of the job. While it doesn’t provide actual information about its financial state, it issues press releases.

On Monday, AMWI announced the completion of the acquisition of Zipclik Technologies, a 256 AES encryption software. Then, yesterday AMWI announced the “launch of its unique SMS/Mobile marketing package.”

Until there’s some more clarity about the real condition of the company, there will be a lot of space for speculations to run rampant.

In such cases there are always some winners and a lot of losers.

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