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ANPZ stock, American Restaurant Concepts, Dick's Wings and GrillWho on the planet doesn’t like Chicken Wings? With just days before the start of the NFL season, “10 cent chicken wing Mondays,” the highest operating margin type restaurants, one dedicated to the most popular finger food, are about to break-bank on chicken wings sales. And that’s exactly why once American Restaurant Concepts Inc. (ANPZ) files their Q1 and Q2, the 3-cent shares could catch fire.

NFL fan or not – get ANPZ, currently 0.031, on your list of penny stocks to watch immediately.

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ANPZ Stock Structure

Back around the time of the Super Bowl, Michael Rosenberger, CEO, CFO, Secretary and sole member of the BoD of American Restaurant Concepts, Inc. entered into a Stock Sell-Buy Agreement with Seenu G. Kasturi. Seenu is the CEO and President of Blue Victory Holdings, Inc. who pulled their S-1 after entering into the agreement with Rosenberger.

Blue Victory Holdings, which was underwriting their own IPO without any fluff financing arrangements, owns and manages 16 Kentucky Fried Chicken stores, 4 Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell restaurants, a Kentucky Fried Chicken/Long John Silver’s restaurant and a Hardee’s restaurant. Seenu’s Blue Victory Holdings is expecting revenues above $25 million for 2012.

The deal itself detailed Rosenberger selling 15.53 million shares of ANPZ stock for $500,000 to Kasturi with Katsuri shouldering certain operating expenses on behalf of the Company, roughly $66,000. Seenu just reached into his pocket and pulled out the cash himself to buy the ANPZ shares from Rosenberger for around 0.032 per share.

Seenu Katsuri officially becomes the voice of American Restaurant Concepts the day after the later to occur of the following:

(i) the date the ANPZ’s Form 10-Q for its first fiscal quarter ended March 25, 2012 is completed and filed with the SEC,
(ii) the date the ANPZ’s Form 10-Q for its second fiscal quarter ended June 24, 2012 is completed and filed with the SEC, and
(iii) the date ANPZ’s Common Stock is relisted on the OTC.

Note: As of As of July 20, 2012, there were 34,316,540 shares outstanding. On August 14, 2012, Saturi’s purchase of 15.53 million shares from Rosenberger represented approximately 45.3% of the outstanding shares. Therefore, only 18,786,540 shares are in the public float of a Company set to embark on $25 million in revenues and is currently trading at 0.031.

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About ANPZ Stock

American Restaurant Concepts, Inc., currently, is the operator and franchisor of the Dick’s Wings & Grill® full-service restaurants and Dick’s Wing Express® express restaurants. As of December 25, 2011, the Company had 18 restaurants of which 16 were Dick’s Wings & Grill® full service restaurants and 2 were Dick’s Wings Express® limited service restaurants.  Of the 18 restaurants, 15 were located in Florida, 2 in Canada and 1 in Georgia, all 18 of which are are owned by franchisees.

Bottom Line: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Seenu Katsuri made the right move by buying this penny stock rather than listing on the NASDAQ in an IPO. The question is, how many APS crack bunnies would it take to figure out that ANPZ is a gold mine of a penny stock at its current price and could net enough gains in the short term to finance the entire football season’s worth of chicken wings, beer and tickets to the Super Bowl.

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