ASNB | Insiders Love Buying AdvanSource Biomaterials Stock

ASNB stock, AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation Volume and share price have spiked today on the penny stock of AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation (ASNB) without any news or filings. The polymer materials manufacturer busted straight past its 52 week high set on in just prior to Thanksgiving, 2011. Having gained as much as 882% since the 13th, ANSB stock is a must add to the list of penny stocks to watch as something seems to be brewing.

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ASNB Stock, AdvanSource Biomaterials CorporationASNB Stock Chart

Market Cap: 1.61M
Last: 0.075, up 0.0449 (149.17%)
Volume: 348,511
Dollar Volume: $25,939
High: 0.11
Low: 0.0301
Trades: 42
Average Trade Size: 8,297
Authorized: 50,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 21,490,621 

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Nothing has really happened in the last 3 months with AdvanSource other than their Q filing for the three months ended June 30, 2012 where revenues increased to $343, 000 from $194,000 for the same three month period in 2011. Royalty fees received were relatively the same, $122,000 versus $121,000 for the respective periods. Other than Dr. Anthony J. Armini notifying the BoD that he would be retiring and resigning his position as a member of the BoD effective September 30, 2012, nothing has happened.

So why the sudden jump in PPS on ASNB stock since September 13th? Is it because their accounts receivable-trade, net of $118,000, or 79%, due from three customers as of June 30th was an improvement compared to an accounts receivable-trade, net of $145,000, or 97%, due from three customers as of March 31, 2012? No, its because of the insider purchase that are happening.

AdvanSource’s CFO and CEO have been buying stock in the open market. SCORE!

About ASNB Stock

AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation develops advanced polymer materials which provide critical characteristics in the design and development of medical devices. The Company’s biomaterials are used in devices that are designed for treating a broad range of anatomical sites and disease states.

The Company’s technology, notably products such as ChronoFlex®, HydroMed™, and HydroThane™,  have been developed to overcome a wide range of design and functional challenges, such as the need for dimensional stability, ease of manufacture and demanding physical properties to overcoming environmental stress cracking and providing heightened lubricity for ease of insertion. The Company’s new product extensions customize proprietary polymers for specific customer applications in a wide range of device categories.

Bottom Line: ASNB is a must add to the list of penny stocks to watch. With the sudden interest and volume in the medical device maker, it looks as if something is going to happen with ASNB stock. Anytime high level insiders buy their own stock in the open market, its a chance to follow the smart money.

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