BAZI | A Beverage Penny Stock With Former PepsiCo Insiders

BAZI Stock, Bazi International, True Drinks, GT Beverage, AquaBallAbout one hour prior to the close of Wednesday trading, Bazi International (BAZI) announced that True Drinks, Inc. officially closed their merger. Traders will want to get BAZI stock on their radar screens immediately in hopes that the surviving entity’s flagship brand AquaBall™, a naturally-flavored, vitamin-enhanced water drink for children, will be able to capitalize on sales in the Company’s proprietary bottles with licensed images from major entertainment companies. It is likely to do better than well considering the insider’s direct ties to PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP).

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BAZI, AquaBall, True Drinks, Bazi International, OTC BAZIBAZI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 5.58M
Close: 0.0489, down -0.0111 (-18.50%)
Volume: 213,600
Dollar Volume: $10,597
High: 0.06
Low: 0.04
Trades: 28
Average Trade Size: 7,628
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 114,086,888

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Before even digging into what Bazi International brings to the market with True Drinks’ AquaBall, lets look at the management team behind them:

Timothy Lane, Chairman: Timothy (what a great name) Lane is well known for his accomplishments as CEO of PepsiCo Restaurants International for Asia and the Middle East (KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell), including directing KFC’s introduction into China where it holds the lead market position. At PepsiCo, Lane guided the company from 250 stores generating losses to a 2,500-store network generating $2.5 billion in revenue and over $200 million in profits within six years.

Carl Wistreich, Director: Carl Wistreich, an entrepreneur, was previously the owner and chief executive of L&B Truck Services Inc., a truck dealership group providing truck service, sales and parts throughout New England. Prior to purchasing the company, Mr. Wistreich was a Senior Vice President at C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc., the largest distributor of food and related products to grocery stores in the U.S. with approximately $20 billion in sales. During his career with C&S, Mr. Wistreich played key roles in the acquisition of several substantial companies and the negotiation of major supply agreements with retailers aggregating over $15 billion in revenue, including the acquisition of Fleming Companies and Grand Union. Translation: Dude knows the distribution and retail aspects of a shelf sold product.

Louis Imbrogno, Director: Louis Imbrogno was Senior Vice President of Worldwide Technical Operations for PepsiCo North America and PepsiCo Beverages International and was responsible for Pepsi-Cola’s worldwide beverage quality, concentrate operations, research and development and contract manufacturing. (Do you really need more elaboration on how sick this group of three are when it comes to what the business of Bazi International and their True Drinks Aquaball is?)

In this global role, Mr. Imbrogno reported directly to the heads of Pepsi-Cola North America and PepsiCo Beverages International while overseeing the companies’ worldwide concentrate manufacturing operations, which supply PepsiCo’s bottlers with concentrate for making beverages, while also being held responsible for the research and development organization, which drives innovation within Pepsi’s beverage portfolio and ensures product quality from raw materials to finished beverage.

Louis, in your 40 years with PepsiCo, serving in a variety of field operating assignments and staff positions, we can’t hold you responsible for Crystal Pepsi.

BAZI, BAZI Stock, True Drinks, Bazi International, Beverage StocksAquaBall

What these three are gonna accomplish with the flagship product of True Drinks, AquaBall, is get this naturally-flavored, vitamin-enhanced low-calorie, low-sugar water drink into the hands of kids, and adults as well, by way of using their licensing agreements with major entertainment companies to make the U.S. patented, ball shaped bottles attractive for kids. “It’s a drink —It’s a Ball: It’s the new Slinky!”

So let’s try to summarize this:

Bazi International, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries were already developing, marketing, selling and distributing Bazi®, the Company’s flagship liquid nutritional supplement drink. Revenues were $171,795 and $309,033 for the three and six months ended June 30, 2012 versus $393,355 and $790,761 for the same periods in 2011. Now they have closed the merger agreement from June 7th (see here) with Ture Drinks and the AquaBall which is now their primary focus.

Furthermore, the Company name is said to be changed to True Drinks Holding Company, Inc. coupled with an increase the number of authorized common shares to 4 billion shares. Since the number of BAZI shares that may issued upon conversion of the newly authorized preferred stock when the conditions to conversion have been satisfied, the board is currently considering whether, following such conversion, an up to 1-for-150 reverse stock split, effected without shareholder approval, may be beneficial to BAZI shareholders.

Translation: Stranger things have happened, but I just can’t see two former PepsiCo big-wigs putting a kids nutritional drink together only to flag the dog on a penny stock pump and dump.

Note: On July 27 and  August 6, 2012, Bazi International issued a total of 5,771,607 and 3,840,000 shares of BAZI stock, respectively, to certain individuals associated with the Company for services provided valued at $346,296 and $307,200, respectively. That works out to be a per share average of $0.05999 and $0.08, respectively.

About BAZI Stock

Bazi International, Inc., through its operating subsidiary True Drinks, Inc., is a beverage company with licensing agreements with major entertainment and media companies for use of their characters on its proprietary, patented bottles. The Company’s naturally-flavored, vitamin-enhanced water drinks that were created as a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to juice and soda for kids are currently being sold into mass-market retailers throughout the United States.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BAZI.

Bottom Line: BAZI needs to be on your penny stock watchlist. The insiders alone makes this worth a better look than just this write up on BAZI stock. Beverage stocks have a history of taking off and there is nothing that should prevent the AquaBall from succeeding in this sector. Once the financials for True Drinks are available, the numbers could be impressive enough to put this beverage stock on the map.

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