Big Tree Group (BIGG) Stays Hot Without Asher In It

BIGG Stock, Big Tree Group Inc.Christmas is just 3 weeks away and the rush to buying toys for all the little boys and girls has caused the penny stock of Big Tree Group, Inc. (BIGG) to go green in a very big way. Closing green for its 11th time in the last 12 sessions, shares of BIGG stock traded well, despite spiking to 0.0475 shortly after the bell rang on Monday, closing up 478% from its mid-October low. Their might not be any news from the authorized agent for over 8,000 toy manufacturers in China, but the elimination of one of the biggest toxic financiers on the OTC no longer having any shares is just the gift real traders needed to find just before the start of Q4.

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Tis the season for Big Tree Group, a company that serves as a “one stop shop” for the sourcing and distribution of toys and related products, or at least for BIGG stock. The last time the Company made any public announcement was way back in June when it received purchase orders for toy products, ranging from electronic learning games and instruments to play sets and dolls, valued at approximately $400,000 from an operator of a chain of retail stores in Costa Rica specializing in family products, home goods and hardware.

The news did boost BIGG shares upwards on the day of the announcement, hitting 0.121, but with volume less than 1,000,000 and Asher Enterprises still a shareholder at the time, the demise was inevitable. Needless to say, as they owned 1,251,717 of the 12,529,700 outstanding shares at the time, the 9.99% ownership proved to be the virus it usually is to an OTC ticker when the group based out of 1 Linden Place, Great Neck, NY 11021 is involved.

Big Tree Group is due to file their 10Q for the 3 and 9 months ended September 30 any day now having filed on the 17th of November their NT 10Q, notification of late filing. Even if revenues improved from the $4,831,712 and $9,600,367 reported for the 3 and 6 months ended June 30, less than half of what they were for the same periods last year, $11,863,274 and $19,310,975 respectively, that’s not what traders will be focused on.

On September 23, Big Tree Group filed an amended 13G for Asher Enterprises showing their ownership of BIGG stock had now become 0 shares. BIGG had become a subpenny stock by then, but it has seen it’s days of sunshine come back to it since mid October for a run even better than what it had the same time last year, running from 0.15 to 0.45 on “hit and miss” volume.

With BIGG being one of the biggest gainers of the past few months, having no news behind it or promotional activity to boot, these green sessions are looking to continue as Tuesday trading begins. With the spike to nearly .05 shortly after the open yesterday, a look to test .03 will determine just how many more green gifts BIGG stock can continue to give before the Christmas shutdown.

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About BIGG Stock

Big Tree Group, Inc. is a China based company that provides procurement services for international toy distributors and wholesalers, including identifying, evaluating, and engaging one or more local manufacturers, trading companies or distributors for the requested supply of toys, as well as arranging for original equipment manufacturing services.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BIGG.
Click here to view the website for Big Tree Group, Inc.

Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 22,212,217

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
12/01/14 0.0260 0.0475 0.0241 0.0295 +0.0005 +1.72% 4,863,400
11/28/14 0.0230 0.0290 0.0201 0.0290 +0.0060 +26.09% 2,191,600
11/26/14 0.0225 0.0237 0.0175 0.0230 +0.0020 +9.52% 5,921,600
11/25/14 0.0180 0.0239 0.0170 0.0210 +0.0035 +20.00% 10,839,801
11/24/14 0.0139 0.0175 0.0135 0.0175 +0.0036 +25.90% 3,317,100


Bottom Line:

The Q filing for the 3 months ended September 30 will be a huge moment for BIGG considering that over the last 5 trading sessions, more than the total issued and outstanding shares as of June 30 have traded. There was still over $4,000,000 in loans and convertible loans payable at the time. As long as BIGG can keep trading green with volume better than 1,500,000, it should continue to be one of the stronger penny stocks this month.

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