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HIHIExpecting to see some major developments and news announcements in the coming weeks, trip zero Holiday Island Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: HIHI) is hoping to CAPTIVATE some attention with an long time project.  Two weeks ago, the small cap company said the Holiday Island “Park” shopping center acquisition it is pursuing has a value of TEN MILLION USD ($10,000,000), an announcement that launched a wave of momentum equal to 1/12,225th of the deal ($818).  Although the attempt fell on deaf traders, the stimulation of HIHI stock in the past could prove to be a ticker worth keeping track of.

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HIHI Stock


Holiday Island Holdings, with $10,098 cash and total assets on the books as of June 30, 2015, has long been attempting to real estate in a 4,000 acre resort/planned community located on 53,000 acre Table Rock Lake between two national forests in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.  The première assets to be acquired is said to be the newest and largest shopping center in the area, multi-acre parcels strategically located for a variety of residential and commercial uses, and the single largest selection of building sites in the area, all complete with full infrastructure (central water & sewer, and roads).

A year into the dealings, the balance sheet shows just what’s there to work with – Nada, while continued, persistent PRs issued have had little to no effect on just how low HIHI shares can go.  After opening at 0.0002 on Friday, 100% higher than the 52 Wk low of 0.0001, few are willing to bet the farm that a deal can bring HIHI shares back into the spotlight.

The story was much different in May of this year when $325,501, 147,955,100 shares, traded after the Company announced that two major shareholders were to purchase 280,000,000 shares and return them to the treasury. The announcement stated that “Yesterday, 130,000,000 shares have been received by the Company’s transfer agent for treasury return processing. The balance of 150,000,000,000 shares are in the process of being returned to the transfer agent.”

You can try to understand those numbers all you want, but the 0.0014 to 0.003 trading range that was captured that day is a long, long way away from 0.0002.

In the Q filed with OTC Markets, Holiday Island Holdings states that, during Q2, they became allowed to acquire its shopping center target in pieces, rather than as a whole which, as the Company states, would be advantageous as the best financially performing shopping center properties and can be picked off first for the highest return to the Company and shareholders.  Not much more has surfaced about the deal, but if it is to take place, you can bet that 2,000,000,000 shares is not going to be enough considering that 892,166,450 shares were issued and outstanding as of June 30.

On Friday, $52,933, 151,236,800 shares of HIHI stock, traded and the sentiment is becoming bullish that some major announcements are due to come out later on this month.  Considering how the TEN MILLION USD didn’t work so well, perhaps another share retirement announcement will be able to HiHo, HiHo HIHI stock out of the trips.

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