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BRND Stock, Premier Brands, Zizazz Energy DrinkThe only “Big Hurt” coming to early penny stock buyers of Premier Brands Inc. (BRND) is the endorsement Frank Thomas gave to Zizazz Energy Mix. Thursday was day one for traders to get their hands on BRND stock when 600,000 shares at 0.35 hit the market. Friday was not as heavy of a trading session, but there is no doubt that this has a chance to covert even the most loyal BBDA traders and get juiced about what is soon to come.

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BRND, BRND Stock, Zizazz Energy Drink, Premier BrandsBRND Stock Chart

Market Cap: 19.34M
Close: 0.365, up 0.015 (4.29%)
Volume: 145,213
High: 0.49 (52 Week High)
Trades: 15
Average Trade Size: 9,680
Authorized: 250,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 52,990,000

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What you get when buying BRND stock is a company that acquired all of the assets of Zizazz including Zizzaz Energy Mix, Zizzazz Extreme Formula, and Kidzazz Kids Vitamins. Zizazz products are available at 7-Eleven, Circle K, Valero, Walgreens, Arco AM/PM, and Shell. The Company’s products are all the rage among members of

In February, Zizzaz LLC was purchased by TrackSoft Systems, Inc. via a $1,000,000 convertible note whereby the shares the note are convertible into upon issuance are, or will be, free and clear of any security interests, liens, claims or other encumbrances, subject only to restrictions upon transfer under the 1933 Act and any applicable state securities laws. The $1,000,000 note is convertible into shares of BRND stock at a per share conversion price of $0.00714 after the stock split.

A second note was issued immediately following the assets acquisition whereby a private offering of promissory notes for $350,000 was issued.

The deal was a success as you can see in the 10-Q filed for the three months ended May 31, 2012 with net sales topping out at $107,483. While CGS is still higher than the top-line number, they just started out so give ’em a break if you would. Matthew Howell certainly will be since, after cancelling 1,578,000 of his 2,000,000 shares, he now owns 29.54 million shares after the May 23, 2012 approved 70-for-1 forward stock split.

With a history of developing beverages, more than 1,000 of them according to Jorge Olson, President and CFO of Premier Brands, the big story that should pop out in the near future is their product in development, Schwing male enhancement. This is one penny stock that can grow on you real quick.

About BRND Stock

Premier Brands Inc. is a consumer goods incubator in the business of creating, acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods, primarily beverages and nutraceuticals. The Company owns energy and vitamin drink products under the name Zizzaz including Zizzaz Energy Mix, Zizzazz Extreme Formula, and Kidzazz Kids Vitamins.

Selling beverages and nutraceutical products with their own Zizzaz brand and third-party manufactured beverages and nutraceutical products to more than 1,000 different retail stores including brand name stores such as 7-Eleven, Circle K, Valero, Walgreens, Arco AM/PM, Shell, Premier Brands also distribute beverages and nutraceutical products through distribution companies and brokers and wholesalers.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BRND.

Bottom Line: Get to know BRND because it is soon going to be on of the hot penny stocks you wish you had found out about before the upcoming promotion. Frank Thomas, the “Big Hurt” was a legend for the White Sox and an all-around athlete in his days at Auburn University. If the Silver Slugger likes BRND‘s Zizazz, then so do we. Hey Frank – When’s the IPO for  “Big Hurt Beer”?

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