Can American Heritage International (AHII) Surpass $2?

AHII Stock, American Heritage International Inc.The secret love affair of Americans and their cigarettes is glorified in the most spectacular manner by the penny stock of American Heritage International Inc. (AHII). Quietly, if not secretly, climbing from 0.55 when shares of AHII stock first began trading in early December, 2012, John Person, Editor / Market Analyst of “Bottomline Newsletter” has put his stamp of approval on “How to cash in on the technology that will devastate a $100 BILLION industry.” With eCigs, focused on tobacco or marijuana, having made their presence know, adding former “Winston Man,” David Goerlitz, to their advisory board should bring out the big guns this week.

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Market Cap: 139.59M
Friday Close: 1.41 ▲ +0.03 (+2.17%)
Volume: 556,064
Dollar Volume: $784,050
Open: 1.38
High: 1.42
Low: 1.36
Trades: 208
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 99,000,000
Anthony Sravucci: 18,000,000
Vincent Bonifatto: 18,000,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 78.01%
1st Resistance Point: 1.4333
1st Support Level: 1.3733

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Electronic cigarettes have become the new fad for smokers and even non-smokers who want to look “alternative” in comparison with their social counterparts. You have to admit that American Heritage International captured the essence of marketing what many of us grew up as knowing was our right as red-blooded Americans – the rugged, hard working roughneck like the Marlboro Man image portrayed.

Well, American Heritage did one better and that was to bringing Goerlitz, the one who in 2009 discovered the electronic cigarette and became one of the most knowledgeable electronic cigarette experts in the nation. Since the birth of this Billion dollar industry, Goerlitz has been ahead of the crowd by preaching his beliefs that eCigs are the best chance a user can make when trying to kick the nicotine habit of traditional tobacco products.

Since American Heritage International filed with the SEC their online Investor Presentation just prior to Christmas, 2013 when AHII stock was still around 0.75, dips have been a non-existent trait for the penny stock. Actually, since December 8, 2013 when AHII stock began trading, there have only been 12 trading session when the shares have closed in the red.

Unfortunately, financial data to back up the strength of the company Anthony Sravucci and Vincent Bonifatto (sound like a couple of wise guys) started has yet to file anything since September 30, 2013. This is a risk factor to consider since the timing of the recently circulated email alerts and the high probability of AHII stock hard mailers being released prior to the 10-K and 10-Q for the period ended December 31, 2013 could have some very damaging numbers within them.

Whether AHII stock was a secret up until now or not, the cat is out of the bag now that email alerts highlighting John Person touts every reason why American Heritage International is the one investment you want in the A $2.5 Billion market that’s growing 400%. The budget behind the AHII stock promotion is stated as $1,367,400, paid for by Rui Long International, Inc., the third party which hired John Person and

Can AHII stock break the $2 level that Person’s says you should be buying up to? This is the $1,367,400 question.

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About AHII Stock

American Heritage International Inc. is a development stage company focused on taking advantage of the rapid growth of the electronic cigarette industry and becoming one of the market leaders by manufacturing, distributing ad selling online the American Heritage brand of disposable electronic cigarettes.

Click here to view the SEC filings for AHII.
Click here to view the website for American Heritage International.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
03/14/14 1.3800 1.4200 1.3600 1.4100 +0.0300 +2.17% 556,000
03/13/14 1.3200 1.3800 1.3200 1.3800 +0.0700 +5.34% 754,300
03/12/14 1.2800 1.3100 1.2500 1.3100 +0.0300 +2.34% 360,700
03/11/14 1.2600 1.2800 1.2300 1.2800 +0.0300 +2.40% 269,000
03/10/14 1.2500 1.2600 1.1600 1.2500 +0.0500 +4.17% 277,400


Bottom Line:

From the way it’s presented and e story line behind it, AHII is one of those penny stocks that, if you worked in a boiler room, you would be making “Bugatti Veyron” type money monthly pitching this over the phone. With such a bullish, although slow, ascend from under $1 to a new 52 Wk high set on Friday, warning signs of a dip should come when volume exceeds 1,000,000 which will bring in a flurry of new speculators towards AHII stock.

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