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CATV Stock, 4CableTV International Inc.,4Cable TV International Inc.,4Cable TVNow that AwesomePennyStocks has been forced into retirement with the SEC halting anything remotely connected to the group within minutes of a promotion, finding the next awesome penny stock is becoming more and more difficult. It seems that a lot of attention is being paid recently to 4Cable TV International, Inc. (CATV) and for very good reason. With what appears to be a very small float, even after effectuating an 11-for-1 split back in April, CATV stock, although it only recently began trading, could see it’s share price amplified next week after connecting all the dots.

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Market Cap: 8.51M
Last: 0.36
Authorized: 90,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 44,550,000
Andrew Staniak: 8,038,140
Steven K. Richey: 8,038,140
Rickey Luke: 3,778,720
Rosielyn S. Baclig: 6,600,000
Edmundo O. Carreos: 6,600,000
14-Day Rel Strength: N/A
1st Resistance Point: 0.3733
1st Support Level: 0.3533

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Other than a pretty poorly produced website, 4CableTV International appears to have the guts of a penny stock to be able to bring home some glory. Dealing with amplifiers for cable television, their PowerMiser™ is claimed to be able to reduce the power supply needed to provide an even better connection that could generate a savings to the cable TV industry of approximately $45 million per year in the U.S. alone.

The storyline definitely makes for a very simple promotional campaign if CATV stock was to be alerted on at some point next week. However, the story behind the share structure, being that it wasn’t your classic share swap/cancellation, makes CATV even more capable of being one of the Best Damn Penny Stocks come next week.

Back in April when 4CableTV International was still Philippines based Liberto, Inc., they ended their dreams of becoming a developer, manufacturer, and seller of imitation lobster meat made from ground fish fillet, shrimp meat, crab meat, potato starch, sodium alginate, egg, lobster flavor, S.M.G., sugar, and salt. Sounds pretty gross, but until you have seen filipino food, you gotta just take it in stride.

The Company brought in 100% of the issued and outstanding capital stock of 4Cable TV and acquiring their business and operations. They did this by issuing 20,900,000 shares of CATV stock to Andrew Staniak, Steven K. Richey and Rickey Luke but didn’t cancel the 13,200,000 shares, 6,600,000 each, that Rosielyn S. Baclig and Edmundo O. Carreos held. By doing so, it looks like there is a small float, but in reality, @ 0.35, those two are sitting on a fortune valued at $4.2 million right now.

Seeing as how if these two actually had shares of CATV worth that amount, their lives wold be in considerable danger in Burgos, Rizal, a part of manila where thrown out fried chicken from fast food restaurants is repackaged by dumpster divers and sold to the poor for about half the original price. This leads us to believe that CATV stock is gonna get the pump here shortly and once about 20 million shares have traded, the “held-in-the-name-of” shares Baclig and Carreos have should be into the bags of the late buyers.

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About CATV Stock

4CableTV International, Inc. is a development stage technology company focused on their PowerMiser™ amplifier which is capable of migrating across multiple cable television platforms.

Click here to view the SEC filings for CATV.
Click here to view the website for 4CableTV International.

Trading History:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
10/24/13 0.3800 0.3800 0.3600 0.3600 unch unch 22,000
10/23/13 0.3500 0.3800 0.3100 0.3600 -0.0150 -4.00% 38,900
10/22/13 0.3500 0.4000 0.3500 0.3750 +0.0250 +7.14% 456,200


Bottom Line:

With AwesomePennyStocks ow out of the picture, traders are looking for Best Damn Penny Stocks to pick up the slack for the long running campaigns which attracted the big money. CATV very well could be the pick as easily as it not being, but the tightening up of the bid/ask spread is making it more possible as Tuesday morning draws near. Having CATV stock on the watchlist, or even trying to grab some cheapies, might be a very good idea before the weekend.

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