CEO Buys More eRoomSystem Technologies (ERMS) Stock

ERMS Stock, eRoomsystem Technologies Inc.The next time you check into a hotel and decide to raid the mini bar, have a look at who supplies it because you just might be adding even more profits to eRoomSystem Technologies Inc. (ERMS). Operating in a niche market which they have done a very good job of designing a business model which works, the CEO has been acquiring shares of ERMS stock in the open market which has to be one of the most bullish reasons why this one needs to popped open like an ice cold bottle of beer. With over 12,000 refreshment centers deployed sold under the SMARTSERV brand, seeing as how they have already beaten full year 2013 and 2012 revenue numbers, this penny stock could be a real good one to snack on for those who are planning to stay for awhile.

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ERMS Stock Quote

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eRoomSystem Technologies, for the most part, is a leader in fully-automated computerized refreshment centers, aka minibar, safes, and other integrated in-room technologies. Most everyone is already familiar with how you get a key card nowadays which activates the room – well this is what eRoomSystem has been focused on for over two decades.

Scanning over the most recent Q filing for eRoomSystem, the balance sheet is healthy as an ox with $2,459,921 in current assets, $1,829,420 of which is cash, and just $70,059, none of which is any form of convertible debt or long-term loans due to be paid back. While the $198,051 in revenues for the 3 months ended September 30, 2014 not only surpassed those from the same period last year, $145,239, but they were enough to produce comprehensive income for the quarter worth $9,138.

While the total income of less than $10,000 might not sound too impressive, during the nine months ended, eRoomSystem Technologies has booked $577,632 in revenues, producing comprehensive net income of $103,980 compared to the $600,563 booked for the year ended December 31, 2013 which produced a comprehensive loss of $298,663. A significant portion of the switch to positive from negative can be attributed to the $186,284 worth of “Investment Income” booked during the 9 months ended which stemmed from a $500,000 loan to BlackBird Corporation back in 2008 and has a carrying value of just under $400,000 on the balance sheet as of September 30.

The growth in revenues compared to last year and the collection of some old debt both show signs that eRoomSystem Technologies has the potential to make a move here in the coming quarters to further build their cash flow capabilities. Cash and their equivalents have grown from $1,376,822 at the start of the year to $1,829,420 as of September 30 which, in layman’s terms, could pay for all of the operating expenses of the Company for the nine months ended, $357,256, those of 2013, $593,304, and those of 2012, $609,527, and still have enough to have one hell of a mini-bar raiding party in any Vegas suite, roughly $270,000.

For those who still need convincing as to why it’s a good idea to look a bit closer at ERMS stock, President/CEO David A. Gestetner has increased his share holding in the Company from 5,508,743 on March 28 to 6,231,338 as of yesterday’s Form 4 filing. With eRoomSystem Technologies in the green as of the first 9 months of 2014, you gotta wonder why the CEO would be buying his own stock.

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About ERMS Stock

eRoomSystem Technologies Inc., through their three wholly owned subsidiaries, eRoomSystem Services, Inc., eFridge, LLC, and eOneCapital, Inc., is a development stage company that provides innovative in-room amenities solutions to the lodging industry.

Click here to view the SEC filings for ERMS.
Click here to view the website for eRoomSystem Technologies Inc.

Authorized: 50,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 24,167,865
David Gestetner, CEO: 6,231,338

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
11/20/14 0.0525 0.0750 0.0502 0.0570 +0.0069 +13.77% 371,630
11/19/14 0.0501 0.0501 0.0501 0.0501 -0.0047 -8.58% 9,000
11/13/14 0.0480 0.0548 0.0480 0.0548 +0.0048 +9.60% 16,700
11/10/14 0.0480 0.0500 0.0475 0.0500 -0.0010 -1.96% 50,500
11/05/14 0.0510 0.0510 0.0510 0.0510 -0.0090 -15.00% 11,900


Bottom Line:

There were only 26 trades executed yesterday on ERMS and Gestetner was 200,000 of the 371,630 shares traded. While you won’t be seeing ERMS stock in the top 10 traded penny stocks anytime in the foreseeable future, the long view towards it, although liquidity is an issue, looks to be stacked with sweet delights when they report their Q4 results and subsequent 2015 updates.

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