Cheap OTC Stocks to Watch: SEFE Trying To Catch Lightning

New penny stock Sefe, Inc. (OTCBB: SEFE.OB) recorded 928 trades on volume of 3,249,032 shares to close up 8 cents, 8.26%, at $1.05 in the last trading session. The company was founded with the aspirations of developing and bringing to market a renewable source of energy that naturally occurs in the atmosphere via what they have called “Harmony Units”. Think: Ben Franklin with the Kite just a bigger.

The penny stock of SEFE has a 5 day percent gain of 23.53%,  5 day moving average 0.95 and a 5 day average volume of 2,061,690. SEFE has a Market capitalization of $54.89 million with 52.28 million shares outstanding.

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SEFE filed its 10-K with the SEC last week. The company currently has four patents which were issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. There is also another patent which was recently allowed by the U.S.P.T.O. which SEFE is simply awaiting its patent number assignment. Additionally, there are eighteen pending United States Patent Applications. (see 10-K here)

The four issued patents SEFE owns are:

1. Issued Patent Number: 77,855,476
Title: Atmospheric Electrical Generator

2. Issued Patent Number: 8,102,078
Title: Dynamic Electrical Converter System

3. IssuedIssued Patent Number: 8,102,082
Title: Atmospheric Electricity Collector

4. IssuedIssued Patent Number: 8,102,083
Title: Atmospheric Electrical Generator with Change of State

The goal of SEFE is to use their proprietary methodologies and inventions in order to capture and convert this naturally occurring atmospheric static electric energy to usable energy.  Their Science and Technology Center is currently located at 3200 Valmont Boulder, CO 80301.

The company’s energy production strategies are aimed at creatingand proliferating technologies that are un-intrusive to pre-existing communities, provide high output, are easily adoptable and leave a small carbon footprint.  The design of the SEFE system intends for it to be able to operate by capturing static electricity from the atmosphere thus making it usable for:

  • mining, manufacturing, and construction companies;
  • utility companies;
  • mining relief organizations

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Bottom Line: Doc Brown explained in 1985 that the only available power source capable of generating 1.21 gigawatts of energy is a bolt of lightning. Add the penny stock SEFE to your stock watch list and track it for momentum. This is another one of those OTC stocks to day trade.

Be careful of getting to deep into SEFE or you may be calling Doc to crank up the DeLorean and dust off the flux capacitor to get back into a favorable trading position.


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