Cheap Penny Stocks getting Cheaper: SEFE Inc.(OTC: SEFE)

Shares in SEFE Inc. (OTC: SEFE) just can’t seem to live up to the expectations penny stock traders have for firm marketing it. SEFE led the OTC penny stocks in most actively traded and highest dollar volume as it dropped -31.15% closing just .02 above the day’s low at .84 on volume of 8.34 million shares. SEFE has now lost -71.62% since it’s stock hit a high of $2.96 back on April 25th.

People are beginning to believe the hype thinking that, at the current price, SEFE stock is a good buy. In what s beginning to look like nothing more than a “patent-troll” very similar to Vringo Inc. (VRNG), SEFE continues to simply assemble its patent portfolio in an effort to stake its claim in atmospheric energy.

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SEFE Stock Chart:

Market Capitalization 63.78M

Close 0.84
Change -0.38 (-31.15%)
Previous Close 1.22
Open 1.23
High 1.35
Low 0.821

Volume: 8,340,628
Last 4,260
Up 1,462,098
Neutral 3,992,571
Down 2,894,959

Dollar Volume: $8,790,755

VWAP 1.0539
Trades 3,395
Average Trade Size 2,456

52 Week High
(4/25/2012) 2.96

In what many believe to be a fraud, alerts continue to circulate comparing the penny stock to VirnetX who recently filed lawsuits against Apple (AAPL), Cisco (CSCO), and Siemens (SI). The comparison could not be more misleading since VirnetX had these patents in their portfolio while SEFE is just filing for them which anyone could have done already if it was worth the time, effort, and financial rewards.

Question: Would a Fart be considered “atmospheric energy”? If so, SEFE would be billionaires able to file a lawsuit against all of those who create skid-marks after a big beef-bean burrito.

Bottom Line: The penny stock of SEFE has a theme song which plays at the open of each trading day: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ “Free Falling“. Add SEFE to the list of penny stocks to watch fall below 50 cents before the official kick-off of to summer.


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