DEEL | What’s The DEEL With Deal A Day Group Stock?

DEEL stock, Deal a Day Group Corp.,, Carrillo Huettel LLPEven though trading was exceptionally low prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, some penny stock speculators caught wind of Deal a Day Group Corp. (DEEL). With one large block of DEEL stock traded on both Tuesday and Wednesday, a connection to a legal favorite of traders, and a business plan which is ripe for the holiday season, it would be a huge mistake to not be watching this. The shares have been hibernating since the last time blocks moved back on May 3, 2011: 1,625,371. Even though the lack of daily activity or filings to research the ongoings for the last couple of years, the latest block trades and NT 10-Q filed last week is nothing new for this retreaded SEC filer.

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Market Cap: 7.38M
Close: 0.15, up 0.11 (275%)
Volume: 1,126,900
Dollar Volume: $50,812
High: 0.15
Low: 0.045
Trades: 3
Average Trade Size: 375,633
Authorized: 1,800,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 49,218,805
Legal Counsel: Carrillo Huettel LLP

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For two trading sessions prior to the Turkey-day break, DEEL shares began cross trading in 2 huge blocks, 876,250 @ 0.04 on Tuesday and 1.125 million @ 0.045 on Wednesday. Although there were only 4 trades and 3 trades executed on Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s plausible to speculate that some front loaders were lucky to get some shares on Tuesday: 100 @ 0.04, 2,500@ 0.05, and perhaps even the 10,000 @ 0.05. However, those on Wednesday may have bought some bags since the 2 trades following the large block of 1.125 million were 1,400 and 500 shares at 0.08 and 0.15, respectively, both of which were the cause for the dramatic percentage gain increase.

Where the shares are coming from is pretty easy to determine. Even though the Company effected a 1-for-2 reverse stock split back on November 3, 2011, there’s still a ton of previously issued stock and over $1.73 million in notes payable on the books. The current Deal a Day Group Corp. initially began as Puppy Zone Enterprises, Inc. before operating as Avisio, Inc. (AVIC) and Actiga Corporation (AGAC).

About a year ago, the Company effected a 1-for-2 reverse stock split and then followed it the next day by agreeing to discharge $1.2 million in debt from Alma Bailante Real Estate Inc., a secured creditor, in exchange for 4,666,929 post-split shares of DEEL stock. They even followed it up with some PR (see here) in hopes of creating some interest. Result: Nothing at all

At present, the Company reports that the two officers, have 6,500,000 shares, 13.21% of the OS: Richard Pak, President, CEO, CFO, Treasurer, and Director, holds 1,500,000 (3.05%) and the Albanna Family Trust, which is controlled by the Company’s previous CEO, Amro Albanna, holds 5,000,000 (10.16%).  Albana once owned well over 19 million pre-split shares while Pak was the founder and President of Rich Media Corp. of Seoul, Korea which owns various online marketing and media websites, including social media accounts operating in the online group buying and marketing sector.

So, what to expect from here on out? Deal a Day Group plans to operate through their website,, which will feature a daily “Deal of the Day” and be the center point for future Merchant Advertising and Affiliate Marketing. Although the site is over a year old and dead at the time of this publishing, pictures are listed on search engines with two separate logos, the newest of which is linked to their “triple-zero” twitter account: 0 Followers, Following, Tweets.

For obvious reasons, the internet could use another wanna-be Groupon Inc. (GRPN) and competitor to another start-up, Simplepons Inc. (QPON).From the looks of it, DEEL looks like more of a clearance sale of old stock than a bargain hunter’s dream.

About DEEL Stock

Deal a Day Group Corp. is focused on the massive growth and evolution of the multi-billion dollar daily deal market space with the vision of creating balance between merchants and their customers and to create platforms that will help merchants grow their businesses through cost effective promotional resources. The Company will focus on the Daily Deals/Group buying arena, print media, and software and applications development.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
11/21/12 0.1500 +0.1100 +275.00% 1,126,900
11/20/12 0.0400 +0.0100 +33.33% 890,100
11/14/12 0.0300 -0.0070 -18.92% 700
11/13/12 0.0370 -0.0080 -17.78% 500
11/09/12 0.0450 unch unch 600

Click here to view the SEC filings for DEEL.

Bottom Line: DEEL is surely on the radar screen for penny stock traders after the big blocks moved on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Chances of “Black Friday” seeing some action on DEEL stock would make a ton of sense even though it is a shortened trading session with most traders carrying bags through the malls and department stores throughout America. Yet, they did this same thing over a year ago and nothing came from it. Furthermore, when a Company highlights their expansion plans includes Temucula, CA, you get a clear indication that they are really targeting the bottom of the barrell.

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