Delete Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) From List of Penny Stocks

You can cruise the message boards and chat rooms for days in search of answers to whether Harry Lappa of North Springs Resources (OTCBB: NSRS) is a fraud or if Sunpeaks Ventures (OTC: SNPK) is a good pump and dump to buy. Penny stock alerts are still circulating calling for $9 on SNPK. At the end of the day, it all comes down to perception as to whether or not Shares in a penny stock are good to buy, sell or just watch.

What Einstein preached was the theory of relativity and in that theory was the thought that both time and space are relative, not fixed. The same can be said for both hot penny stocks of NSRS and SNPK as both were developed with the theory that given enough time, there would be space to fit a large number of buyers and sellers to move the product. The one argument one can have that Einstein’s theory does not fit the scenario is due to the fact that the end result is fixed.

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Hundreds of millions of dollars have traded on the penny stock of SNPK and NSRS and thousands have made money trading and investing at the right time. The key to that sentence is time and it is now time to start looking at the past in order to predict the future. The Swami says: “It’s time to walk away from SNPK unless you want to lose money.”

Past & Present: North Springs Resources & Sunpeaks Ventures Stock Charts

The pump schedule and dump timing on both SNPK and NSRS are virtually identical and for very similar percentage drops. It is pretty obvious that Sunpeaks Ventures experienced a dump a few days ago when the SNPK dropped to $0.60 before the penny stock was pumped back up, exactly like NSRS was.

The stock chart above has not been photoshopped to make it look more convincing to the naked eye. Actually, here’s how you can view it yourself:

Go to or click here. Enter the penny stock symbol: NSRS or SNPK, and under Range change it to Predefined Range and scroll down for 4 months. Next, under the Chart Attributes box where it has Overlays and Indicators, click clear all on both and then click update. Walaa!

The truth hurts but it is what it is. It may have been a frustrating few days for everyone who owns SNPK above its current level, but if you continue believing in SNPK as we have been all along, you had your chance to play the pump and now its time to suffer the sump.

Claims that SNPK received a $9 target price and a STRONG BUY recommendation by an independent research firm just a few days ago are as true as the words written. Because my neighbor’s kids put out a table and squeeze some lemons into water and add sugar doesn’t make them bar owners just as the people down the road selling their items on the fron lawn on a Sunday morning doesn’t make them a retail outlet.

Bottom Line: The best advice I ever got was when I tried to correct my dad once about how to grill a steak and when it was cooked long enough. His response was: “Son, don’t try to teach your father how to make a baby.” Point: This isn’t the first time we’ve gone to the races to watch a hot penny stock like SNPK take off. It’s like NASCAR, you sit in the front few rows and your gonna get covered in debris as opposed to having a birds eye view of what’s taking place and making better judgement calls on who will win the race.

We called the Sell on SNPK on the 8th and again on the 12th for those who would bother. Add SNPK to your list of penny stocks to forget and not buy. Where a rubberband around your wrist if you have to (or any other appendage) and snap the hell out of it if you see SNPK going up and have the urge to jump in. There are much better opportunities out there right now in their early stages like RSRS and SEFE which can be played. Sign up for our penny stock alerts and get the info before a promo happens.


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