Does Amazonica (AMZZ) Have The Gas To Make $1?

AMZZA huge debate exists about whether or not cleaner burning fuel for the vehicles which transport us from point A to point B will ever become the “staple” source of energy within our lifetime.  Surely the big oil companies will always have their pull when it comes to manufacturers dedicating their resources to developing the vehicles which will use these fuels, but the niche markets of electric and hydrogen as a source are growing year-by-year.  If one could say that it takes around a decade or so to break-in to this market, then maybe, just maybe the penny stock of Amazonica Corp. (AMZZ), d/b/a Euro-American Hydrogen Corp., might be able to get a move on assuming Russian soldiers haven’t yet stormed the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

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AMZZ Stock ChartAMZZ Stock Quote

Market Cap: 131.15M
Last: 0.61 ▲ +0.03 (+5.17%)
Volume: 40,115
Dollar Volume: $24,473
Open: 0.57
High: 0.61
Low: 0.57
Trades: 16
Authorized: 1,500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 215,000,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 51.89%
1st Resistance Point: 0.6233
1st Support Level: 0.5833

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The technology, hydrogen based fuel, the need for it and the actual existence of it in today’s world is not at question when looking at whether or not Amzonica Corp. made the right choice by changing directions from their intended Brazilian hardwood flooring plans.  The commercial market for hydrogen gas is said to be valued at approximately $100 billion with enormous potential for profit for automobile, oil, and energy companies working on hydrogen fuel cell opportunities.

No, the question is whether the timing to invest in AMZZ stock will offer any of that potential for profit for those who might think of playing the penny stock now that alerts are being sent out on it.

Amzonica Corp. is very new having just filed their S-1 on May 17, 2011 with the legal assistance of David Lubin, Esq. of David Lubin & Associates, PLLC.  Once their 175-for-1 forward stock split effectuated May 24, 2013, it was only a matter of time until the business plan was changed to take advantage of what Andre Caetano and Ajila Velez Evelyn Vanessa had begun.

In September, 2013, Amazonica Corp. brought in Michael Soursos to be their President and CEO with Soursos taking over 350,000,000 shares from Caetano, subsequently cancelling 230,000,000 of them, as well as cancelling 171,000,000 of the 175,000,000 Vanessa owned, bringing the issued and outstanding shares down to 215,000,000.  According to the 8K filed, Soursos then entered into a MOU and nondisclosure agreement with Gennadiy Petrovich Glazunov in exchange for 64,500,000 (Form 3 states 53,850,000) of the 120,000,000 he owned for the know how and trade secrets as they relate to pure hydrogen production as long as Glazunov agreed to assist the Company on the filing of a patent covering such technology in the US.  Amazonica stated they filed for that patent on November 7, 2013.

So far, it looks like AMZZ would be a decent play in the alternative energy market, especially since the appear to be making progress behind the scenes.  However, with Glazunov as the project manager, the Company’s intent, as of October, was to commence R&D of the patent pending technology in conjunction with facilities provided by the National Science Center / National Academy of Science of Ukraine.  With the civil unrest and obvious threat of a Russian invasion at present, even a Greek Spartan would have a difficult time conducting any kind of day-to-day operations in terms of developing the cleanest fuel on the planet.

Even with the $325,000 Anton Group Hill Ltd. supplied the company in the form of an unsecured convertible promissory note, the chances of Euro-American Hydrogen Corp. bringing their hydrogen technology to a level whereby it could begin to generate revenues are as likely as a peace accord being struck in Ukraine this week.

For those who can recall, SEFE had a very similar concept a couple of years ago, the difference was they had what AMZZ doesn’t – a multi-million dollar campaign pumping their worthless stock.

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About AMZZ Stock

Amazonica, Corp., d/b/a Euro-American Hydrogen Corp., is a development stage company, with no revenues and limited operating history, focused on developing technologies related to researching, developing and producing pure hydrogen. .

Click here to view the SEC filings for AMZZ.
Click here to view the website for Euro-American Hydrogen.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
02/28/14 0.5700 0.6100 0.5700 0.6100 +0.0300 +5.17% 40,100
02/27/14 0.5800 0.5800 0.5700 0.5800 +0.0100 +1.75% 700
02/26/14 0.5800 0.6300 0.5700 0.5700 -0.0500 -8.06% 50,700
02/25/14 0.5504 0.6200 0.5503 0.6200 -0.0100 -1.59% 73,000
02/24/14 0.6550 0.6750 0.5300 0.6300 -0.0020 -0.32% 226,400


Bottom Line:

The website and story all look good for AMZZ, heck even the share structure doesn’t look so bad for a penny stock.  What doesn’t look so good is the share price which AMZZ stock closed at Friday, 0.61, and the path chosen to get the word out about them.  The risk/reward calculator indicates this one is best played after the dip if, and only if, volume can stay consistently over 1 million during the course of this week.

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