Drone Services USA (DSUS) Stock Is Ready For Liftoff

Do you own a drone?  Do you want to own your own drone?  Well one of the penny stocks that I’ve been watching for a few weeks now, Drone Services USA, Inc. (OTC Pink: DSUS), is not only producing some higher class drones than what you can buy off the shelves, but they giving one away on their website which is a brilliant way to attract attention to yourself.  With their shares trading at near record lows and a float of just over 30 million, DSUS stock at just over a penny could fly as high as the multi billion dollar drone industry is.




Drone Services USA is the recent addition to the list of what once was, the last two being PV Enterprises International, Inc. (PVEC) and ALAS International Holdings, Inc. (ALAS).  This gives some reason to want to avoid DSUS stock by all means necessary, but when you take the time to do some research and listen to what Joel Bredow, CEO of the company has to say, the .01-.02 price tag for DSUS shares starts to sound cheap.

First of all, the Company lifted off in the space as “a leading provider of the latest, state-of-the art technology, “Made in the U.S.A.”, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones and related equipment.”  The drones were used in a recent expedition in Louisiana whereby thousands of acres were covered using the company’s flagship drone, the ProSearch XLF, equipped with IR Distro’s IRD-TC640 camera and was able to, without being detected, film the subject matter from one-fourth of a mile away.  The drones are the simple part, but the infrared thermal camera technology that DSUS provides may be the key ingredient for what makes this a solid play.

On June 2, Drone Services USA published a one hour long conference call to address growth, product development and answer various questions submitted by DSUS shareholders:



Earlier this week, the Company announced the movement of their headquarters to Michigan where their subsidiary, IR Distro, is located.  The questions are already beginning to be conjured up if they might need to open a subsidiary office in China based on their agreement with Ninebot, Inc., the first smart short transportation equipment operator in China, to use the company’s cameras just recently announced its purchase of rival, Segway, Inc.  How quickly this deal develops could be a major money maker in the short term.

Basically, there was a strong avoidance of the laptop from the PC when it was introduced as there was with the mobile phones when they landed in our pockets 20 years ago (they were a “brick” before that.  The “drone” industry and the camera technology attached to them will be avoided by some initially, but the usage of them in an effort to make for better economics is simply a matter of time.

The Company’s two facilities, Florida and Michigan, and their ability to produce some 75 $40,000 – $60,000 AUV’s a week and several hundred cameras a week, the orders simply need to start rolling in.  If and when they do, chances are you won’t be seeing DSUS stock trading this low again.  The 18,627,799 Preferred Series C shares have some concerned, but with the Company having addressed that issue in their conference call, it’s flight time for DSUS.


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