ECAU | Can Echo Automotive Test $3 On Historic Day 19?

ECAU stock, OTC ECAU, EchoDrive, Echo Automotive Inc., Echo Automotive ticker, Penny stock traders have been emailing in for the last 15 hours thanking us for introducing them to Echo Automotive Inc. (ECAU) when the shares were just $0.74. Since then, awareness coverage was effectuated by the same group who helped send Stevia First Corp. (STVF), another one we uncovered early in March, 2012, from under 0.80 to as high as $3.28 in just 19 trading sessions before suddenly tumbling for a bounce. With today being the 19th trading session for ECAU stock, can it test the $3 level and are we in for a dumpage to allow traders to play the bounce?

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Market Cap: 181.50M
Last: 2.42 0.76 (45.78%)
Volume: 8,380,100
Dollar Volume: $16,702,069
Open: 1.77
High: 2.44 (229% gain from our alert)
Low: 1.74
Trades: 5,115
14-Day Rel Strength: 93.89%
14-Day Stochastic: 98.83%

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After the closing bell on Monday, trading activity continued on the shares of Echo Automotive sending the stock price down to $2.38, down -0.04 (-1.65%). The stock has been on a remarkable trend for over a week now with ECAU stock setting a new high and leading the OTC in trades each day for the past week. The gravitational pull has to occur soon for a huge dip followed by an extended bounce and we’re thinking that today is that day.

In March, 2012, a similar “Chuck Hughes” featured stock pick awareness campaign was launched on Stevia First Corp. (STVF), a penny stock that offered over 350% gains in less than one month. Shares of STVF stock had an almost identical trend for the first 18 trading sessions (yesterday was the 19th for ECAU) before crashing down from $3.28 to $1.45, down -55.79% from the HOD to the LOD. Immediately following the crash, shares in the stevia focused development stage company bounced for a 6 day bull run to return to as high as $2.60, a 79% best-case scenario for the bounce. (see chart here)

Since the pattern of both ECAU and STVF are nearly identical, were sprouted from the same source, and have been unbelievably monstrous in terms of controlling the OTC markets money flow, the crash and bounce is set to occur and today is as good a day as any if you believe that history repeats itself.

About ECAU Stock

Echo Automotive manufactures cost reduction technology, EchoDrive, for converting fleet vehicles into highly fuel efficient plug-in hybrids — a technology that the Company reports can double a vehicle’s fuel economy. Click here to view the SEC filings for ECAU, here to see why the stock price has jumped more than 220% since we first alerted on it.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/28/13 2.4200 +0.7600 +45.78% 8,380,100
01/25/13 1.6600 +0.2400 +16.90% 10,748,300
01/24/13 1.4200 +0.3500 +32.71% 7,047,800
01/23/13 1.0700 +0.0800 +8.08% 3,467,000
01/22/13 0.9900 +0.0700 +7.61% 1,517,200


Bottom Line: The day has to come for the hottest penny stock on the OTC, ECAU, to eventually give way to the gravitational forces typically called profit taking. With the historic pattern of STVF from last year and the relationship between the two, it would appear that ECAU stock is a “sell” until the crash landing where traders can try their best to pick the bottom for a 4-5 day bounce play.

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