ECAU | Echo Automotive Roars To New Highs, Up 92% Now

ECAU, ECAU stock, EchoDrive, Echo Automotive Inc., Echo Automotive ticker, When you’re good, you’re good, but when you can issue a penny stock alert within spitting distance of the low, you have the right to flaunt it. That’s what we did when we issued the web-alert on the penny stock of Echo Automotive Inc. (ECAU), just .04 above the 52 Week Low of 0.70. With the news of the Company demonstrating how their multi-mode hybrid system combines savings & choice for fleet operators, the whole world now knows about ECAU stock as it finished off its 2nd straight day in the top 10 penny stocks traded on the OTC.

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Market Cap: 106.50M
Last: 1.42  0.35 (32.71%%)
Volume: 7,047,879
Dollar Volume: $8,460,712
Open: 1.09
High: 1.42
Low: 1.08
Trades: 2,942
14-Day Rel Strength: 85.58%
14-Day Stochastic: 100.00%

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The timeline for those wondering when ECAU stock will peak was pretty well set today when the Company announced the unveiling and demonstration of an EchoDrive™ powered production-ready vehicle at the upcoming National Truck and Equipment Association (NTEA) trade show the first week of March in Indianapolis.

Echo Automotive CEO and President, Jason Plotke stated that “The NTEA is a significant venue to introduce the EchoDrive™ brand to the market place.” What was even more positive for traders of ECAU stock was when Plotke went on to say “Many of our top customers in the work truck sector will be in attendance and we intend to field a large and knowledgeable team to maximize our visibility and leverage our presence by ensuring we offer plenty of opportunities for hands-on presentations of the EchoDrive™ system.”

KABOOM! Bring on the orders baby!

The news today followed up yesterday’s top 10 ranking of ECAU stock in the most traded listing and an update from the Company about the launch of their latest product offering, a multi-mode hybrid technology aimed directly at significantly improving the economic performance of fleet operations. If you missed the chance to get in at 0.74 when we initiated coverage on ECAU stock, you could still see a double from here as many traders think $3 is within reason at some point before Spring, 2013.

About ECAU Stock

Echo Automotive, Inc. develops technologies and products designed for cost effective conversion of existing vehicles into highly fuel-efficient hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Click here to view the SEC filings for ECAU.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/24/13 1.4200 +0.3500 +32.71% 7,047,880
01/23/13 1.0700 +0.0800 +8.08% 3,467,000
01/22/13 0.9900 +0.0700 +7.61% 1,517,200
01/18/13 0.9200 -0.0200 -2.13% 349,800
01/17/13 0.9400 +0.0200 +2.17% 923,800


Bottom Line: ECAU is now up 92% since our penny stock alert and still well positioned to see even further gains having closed at the HOD today. Sure, a pull back heading into the weekend is likely at some point tomorrow, but, long and strong, ECAU stock is nearing the half-way mark in our opinions.

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