ECOS | EcoloCap Solutions Opens Doors For Asher Enterprises

ECOS Stock, EcoloCap SolutionsShares of EcoloCap Solutions Inc. (ECOS) had their largest volume session in nearly 6 months Friday as the penny stock traded 52X it’s 3-month average. The penny stock hadn’t seen that big of a splash since march 22nd when they were in a staring contest with Fuel Emulsions International over a committed purchase. The deal eventually went no where until last month and ECOS stock price has bounced downhill from their 0.0448 PR hyped high, as expected, with their toxic financing connection to Asher Enterprises.

Note to EcoloCap: when issuing PR that has a direct connection to northern Havana, Miami, don’t use an IR contact as Nada means nothing in english peeps.

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Ecos Stock, EcoloCap SolutionsECOS Stock Chart

Market Cap: 4.95M
Close: 0.016, up 0.001 (6.67%)
Volume: 21,060,232
Dollar Volume: $306,619
High: 0.0174
Low: 0.009
Trades: 123
Average Trade Size: 171,221
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 309,482,057

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Last month, EcoloCap finally got the purchase order they touted back in March from Fuel Emulsions International Inc. to acquire 2 NPU-60 Diesel Emulsion units at a unit price of $550,000 each and 2 NPU-60 (#6) Emulsion units at a unit price of $600,000 per unit.  The total amount of the claimed purchase order was $2.3 million paid for by a letter of credit. Translation: I.O.U. This comes just 2 weeks after GFE Biofuels S.A., a Costa Rican corporation, agreed to purchase 1 NPU-60 unit; 1 container supply additive; and pay for the delivery of the container.  That contract was worth $593,500 but specifics relating to the time, date, and placement of payment of the contract price and the delivery of the equipment and container is not provided for in the sale and purchase agreement. Doooooooh!

The first unit of equipment is slated to be delivered by EcoloCap to GFE Biofuels no later than November 15, 2012 according to their 10-Q. The news has, at the very least, been able to create some bounces, and, let’s just say that, even at 0.016, some possible shareholders are still up over 175%.

Some possible shareholders like Capex Investments Limited who on January 1, 2012, elected to convert loans of $148,977 into 25,582,129 common shares of EcoloCap, $0.0058 per share. Or toxic financier Asher Enterprises who, during the first 6 months of 2012, converted loans of $122,500 plus accrued interests of $5,300 into 45,679,017 shares of EcoloCap, from $.0013 to .0041 per share. During July 2012, Asher Enterprises converted loans worth $20,500 plus accrued interests of $1,300 into 12,111,111 EcoloCap shares, $0.0018 per share.

The volume from Friday and the news from their newest non-binding letters of intent with the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of the Ukraine and the PIK Group of Russia will likely allow for a superior opportunity for the note converters to dump their remaining shares onto those looking to save the Ukraine’s ecology and modernize statewide operations.

About ECOS Stock

EcoloCap Solutions Inc., through its subsidiary Micro Bubble Technologies Inc., developed M-Fuel, an innovative suspension fuel that far exceeds all conventional fuels’ costs and efficiencies. M -Fuel is a suspension mixture of 60% heavy oil, 40% H plus O2 molecules, and a 0.3% stabilizing additive. The production of M-Fuel takes place in their Nano Processing Units, a self contained device that is sized for output and can be configured to operate in conjunction with an engine or burner to sully M-Fuel on demand, or pre-manufactured for delivery.

Through its subsidiary Micro Bubble Technologies Inc., the Company also developed the Carbon Nano Tube Battery, a fully recyclable, rechargeable, environmentally-friendly and economical battery designed to offer fully scalable and customizable power solutions that will increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and reduce emissions.

As of June 30, 2012, ECOS had $0 reportable revenues for the six months ended.

Bottom Line: ECOS is a penny stock to take to the beach in the sense that once it get’s a bit hot, bounce it around like a volleyball, throw it around like a frisbee, and before you leave at the end of the trading session, bury it in the sand and go home. What? It’s environmentally friendly so after you get your Tom Foolery out of it, no sense in taking ECOS stock home overnight. Leave it for the scavengers the next morning searching for sunken treasures.

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