ELED | Energie Holdings Inc. Lights Up The OTC Market

ELEDWhen investors hear about a lighting company based out of Colorado, their first inclination is it’s another supplier who plans to target the marijuana sector with their state of the art LED products.  Nothing could be further from the truth for Energie Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ELED) who’s product line is listed to have been in with some of the top Fortune 500 companies and higher education facilities throughout the U.S.  After any penny stock trader spends the minutes it takes to do some research on the seller and distributor of LED energy efficient products, seeing why the lights have been turned on for ELED stock displays what a bit of time can be worth.


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Energie Holdings provides its customers three product lines: pendant, surface, recessed and semi-recessed versions.  Comprised of 9 LED fixtures that were to be introduced to the market during the second quarter of 2015, top line numbers for Q3 should show some further improvement with these award-winning fixtures that combine hand-blown glass with modern LED technology being a part of their revenue stream from offices, restaurants, hotels and public buildings.

Visiting the company’s website to see their customer base, Microsoft, British Petroleum (BP), Honda and JP Morgan are just a couple of the A-listers there.  Although revenues only grew by about $38,000 to $202,395 for Q1 when compared to the $164,609 reported for Q1, 2014, there are some internal items that make ELED stock a bright one.

A year ago, on July 2, 2014, the Company completed a Share Exchange Agreement with Energie which called for the issuance of 33,000,000 “restricted” shares of ELED stock at $0.05 per share.  With just 59,505,676 shares issued and outstanding, that 36.5 million share float immediately puts this subpenny on the must watch list.

Digging into the debt of Energie Holdings, many will immediately shut the page when they see $5,316,025 due, $2,741,275 of which is current.  However, even with 250,000,000 authorized to be issued, understanding the debt makes it easier to determine why ELED stock is playable to much higher levels.

Of the $5.3 million in liabilities, $3.98 million of it , entered into in December 2014, is held by Symbiote, Inc. with monthly principal and interest payable through November 2017.  Symbiote holds the largest ownership percentage in Energie Holdings, is the lessor of their manufacturing facility, and the provider of the company’s payroll services.

What’s more of a bullish reason to be paying close attention to ELED stock is that, of the $202,500 of convertible notes due between May and December of this year, portions can be converted at a rate of 61% of the average closing bid price of ELED stock during the 10 trading days immediately preceding the date of conversion.  During the three month period ended March 31, 2015, $15,000 of principal was converted into 2,307,692 shares which works out to be $0.0065 per share.  Using that as a guideline, ELED stock, rightfully, has earned it’s shine when it nearly surpassed $0.02 yesterday.


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