FIND | Findex Creating Biggest Buzz Since The DaVinci Code

FIND stock, Find shares, FIND stock Price, FIND stock quote,Shares in the penny stock of Inc. (FIND) have been on the radar screen this week after Tuesday’s one million plus shares traded within spitting distance of the 52 week high. Sporadic trading is an understatement for this no news issuing software developer and seller. Yet, for some reason, FIND stock is creating a buzz worthy of having on the day trade list of penny stocks to watch for the next few days.

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Market Cap: 935.92K
Last: 0.013, up 0.001 (8.33%)
Volume: 48,000
High: 0.013
Low: 0.0105
Trades: 4
Average Trade Size: 12,000
Authorized: 120,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 77,993,935

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First thing you will notice, if you’re an avid penny stock trader, is a familiar face on the website of (see here). Evolving from bible thumping software focusing on the impact that “The DaVinci Code” controversy has had on Christianity (see here), their new direction, retail, wholesale, and Internet supplier of software products to businesses and individuals seems like a target market that would be more beneficial to shareholders.

There solid revenues in comparison to the same period from last year. In their latest 10-Q, Findex reported sales of $17,518 and $44,663 for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2012 versus $6,793 and $44,370 for the same periods in 2011. Is it great? No but it does produce a gross profit to combat the operating expenses of $75,352 and $327,217 for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2012.

Regardless of the numbers, FIND stock seems to have caught the eye of some speculators and could see a spark light up a breakout session sometime soon. If nothing has happened before next week Friday, this discovery can be considered fools gold and scrapped at the junk shop.

About FIND Stock Inc. develops, publishes, markets, distributes and direct-sells off-the-shelf consumer and organizational software products for the Windows platform.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
11/28/12 0.0120 -0.0016 -11.76% 109,600
11/27/12 0.0136 +0.0071 +109.23% 1,228,900
11/20/12 0.0065 +0.0004 +6.56% 5,000
11/16/12 0.0061 -0.0012 -16.44% 1,000
10/24/12 0.0073 +0.0005 +7.35% 10,000

Click here to view the SEC filings for FIND.

Bottom Line: FIND is one of those penny stocks that could be a huge discovery at its current PPS or a big fat nugget of dinosaur dung. The Company has been around for over half a decade under the same name and ticker. Although the volume spike is intriguing, a breakout on FIND stock is a sure day trade set up at best.

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