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FUTU Stock, Future Healthcare Of America Stock, Best Penny Stock To Buy NowOctober 2nd could go down as one of the most memorable days of 2012 for penny stocks when Future HealthCare of America (FUTU) began trading. The 1-for-1 spin off from NYSE MKT listed Wizzard Software (WZE) hit the OTC market Tuesday closing down -91.33% at 0.26 with just only $47,462 traded (216,667 shares). The drop in FUTU stock price from $3, it’s initial pricing, is indicative of where it will eventually be passing int he coming months and needs immediate attention by anyone who has the patience to own shares in a penny stock for longer than 15 minutes who is looking for the next 10-bagger.

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FUTU Stock, Best Penny Stock of 2012, Future Healthcare Of America StockFUTU Stock Chart

Market Cap: 2.75M
Close: 0.271, up 0.09 (49.72%)
Volume: 96,253
Dollar Volume: $22,248
High: 0.271
Low: 0.20
Trades: 44
Average Trade Size: 2,187
Issued and Outstanding: 10,162,310

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Until September 4th, 2012, Future HealthCare of America was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wizzard Software with business offices at 1010 East First Street, Suite A, Casper, Wyoming 82601 ($4,750 per month, including utilities). As of September 5th, Wizzard transferred to Future HealthCare of America all of the assets and liabilities employed in the Company’s and Interim’s business operations to Future HealthCare of America.

Now that the spin-off of Future HealthCare of America is complete, they are an independent public company. With this now less than a week live on the OTCMarket, FUTU just might be the best penny stock of 2012 and here’s some reason’s why:

a) As of December 31, 2011:

  • Current Assets $953,008
  • Non-current Assets $1,278,523
  • Current liabilities$ 137,185
  • Long Term Liabilities $0
b) Future HealthCare of America does not conduct any material operations or have any employees of its own. Its operations are conducted through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Interim.
As of April 30, 2012, Interim had one executive employee, John Busshaus, who works approximately 20 hours a week on Interim-related matters, out of Wizzard Software’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania headquarters. Additionally, as of April 30, 2012, Interim had 30 full time employees and 95 part-time employees, none of which are represented by employee union(s).
c) As of August 28, 2012, there were approximately 7,000 shareholders of record of WZE common stock. Therefore, there are approximately 7,000 shareholders of FUTU stock. The share breakdown can be explained as follows:
10% Stockholders:  None


  • Douglas Polinsky: 112,500 (1.1%)
  • J. Gregory Smith: 112,500 (1.1%)
  • Denis Yevstifeyev: 112,500 (1.1%)

Executive Officers:

  • Christopher Spencer, Chief Executive Officer: 551,829 (5.5%)
  • John L. Busshaus: 345,184 (3.4%)
  • All directors and executive officers as a group (6 persons): 1,234,513 (12.2%)

All Other Shareholders:  8,927,797 (87.8%)

d) For the years ended December 31, 2011 through 2007, the last 5 years, revenues have been recorded for Future Healthcare of America at $3.426 million, $3.099 million, $2.905 million, $3.933 million and $3.339 million respectively. With 10.16 million shares outstanding FUTU has a Price-to-Sales Ratio (PSR) of roughly 0.30.

Looking at some of the leading Healthcare stocks as a comparison:

  • Coventry Health Care Inc. (CVH) has a PSR of 0.43
  • Cardinal Health, Inc. (CAH) has a PSR of 0.13
  • Opko Health, Inc. (OPK) has a PSR of 41.90

FUTU started out on Monday, October 1, with 100 shares. Apparently, Tuesday, October 2, the shareholders of WZE dumped 100,000 shares because 216,000 shares traded, opening at 0.25, taking it down -91%, with roughly half of the trades sells.

Wednesday, the spin-off shareholders took it down another -37% to close at 0.165. If you got in to FUTU at this level, under 0.20, you are laughing your way to a ten-bagger. It appeared that the only tradeable FUTU shares Wednesday were the shares some dip-shits sold: 313,000 and of those only approximately 77,000 were buys with approximately 235,000 sells.

Thursday and Friday were uptick days from the Wednesday low and this coming week should see a continuance of sellers from the spin-off outnumbering buyers which could lead for another opportunity to get in to FUTU stock in the teens. If you see the numbers and crunch the data from the S-1 filing like we have, with a ton of help from J.T., the DD guru, FUTU is a must own long and needs to be watched closely for entry points.

About FUTU Stock

Future Healthcare of America, through their subsidiary, Interim, has been serving its healthcare community for 18 years and is part of the fast growing home health segment of the healthcare industry, providing a wide range of visiting nurse services to the elderly, wounded and sick. It is one of the 300 home health agencies that comprise the Interim Health Care network, the largest home healthcare franchise in the United States.

Interim is a franchisee of Interim Health Care.

Click here to view the SEC filings for FUTU.

Bottom Line: FUTU must be added to the list of penny stocks to watch this week, looking for entry levels in the teens. It may not be the case that FUTU stock trades under 0.20 again now that savvy traders have already gotten in and have been sharing the information of, what some are calling, the best penny stock pick of 2012.

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